Josh’s train ride to Portland: Meet John and Nikki

I am heading up to Portland, Oregon again and I will reveal my reasons in a later post but in this post I will talk about 2 people I met along the trip.

I hate talking to people on Amtrak  mostly because they are usually old and/or boring, so this time I made a pact with myself to avoid conversations at all costs. The above picture was taken 8 hours into my trip right before I broke this pact.

This is Nikki. Amtrak has Assigned Seating and when I finally got to lie down to sleep across the two seats that were available where I was sitting she woke me up to sit next to me.  I laid my head against the window and avoided talking to her until the next morning. She actually turned out to have a very interesting story. This 19 year old girl comes from Martinez. It is a the Crystal Meth Capital of the Bay Area and most of my conversations with her dealt with that issue and how it has been around her all her life. Both of her sisters are meth heads and many of her friends are as well.  If that wasnt jarring enough she dropped the bomb that she is pregnant and was recently kicked out of her boyfriend (the father’s) house.   Anyway I tried to explain to her that she needs to get an abortion soon or it will be too late. She was very sick from this on the train and was constanly puking and getting hot and then cold.

This was John. He just got out of rehab in Klamath falls where we picked him up. He is 21 and had been there for 4 years.  He had the hots for Nikki and kept trying to hit on her. It was really awkward. I wonder what he would have thought if he knew what she was going through.

I think he was pissed at me because she was hanging out with me instead of him. I wasn’t trying anything though because I’M TAKEN (sorry ladies) and she is like 19 which is way to young for me. But he became more aggressive as the trip progressed. This picture is of him giving me dirty looks.

Sorry I am being so short in this post but my computer is low on batteries and I’m on the move. But more adventures from Portland and the reason I am here coming up soon, so stay tuned.

-Josh Blank

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