Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964 @ De Young Museum

tress man bus stop 602x600 Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964 @ De Young Museum de young museum arthur tress 1964

San Francisco in 1964 was probably a very interesting place to be. GOP conventions, the Beatles, growing city, and Arthur Tress was there to capture it. Right now at the de Young Museum in SF, there is a great exhibition on display titled Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964.

In the summer of 1964, San Francisco was ground zero for an historic culture clash as the site of the 28th Republican National Convention and the launch of the Beatles’ first North American tour. In the midst of the excitement, a young photographer new to the city was snapping pictures not of the politicians or musicians but of the people in the crowds and on the streets. Arthur Tress, an accomplished American photographer, made more than nine hundred negatives in San Francisco during the spring and summer of 1964—among his earliest documentary work. Exulting in juxtapositions of the mundane and the absurd, Tress captured the chaos of civil rights demonstrations and political rallies, the idiosyncratic moments of San Francisco’s locals, the peculiar contents of shop windows, a miscellany of odd signs and much more.

Tress developed and printed his black-and-white negatives in a communal darkroom in the city’s Castro district before departing San Francisco in the fall of 1964. The vintage prints were packed away in his sister’s house, coming to light again only in 2009. The rediscovery of this forgotten body of work inspired the photographer to revisit his early negatives, and Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964 is the delightful outcome.

Tress 25 605x601 Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964 @ De Young Museum de young museum arthur tress 1964

tress ringo 605x602 Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964 @ De Young Museum de young museum arthur tress 1964


DIE JUNGE DIE YOUNG (The Young Die Young) is a film detailing the progression of a 2011 performance of the same name that took place in San Francisco in preparation for Future Sounds – a live collaborative performance piece between artists Jason Jaworski and Monica Canilao as a part of 2011′s Culture Club at Noise Pop Festival.

For more details, including a narrative text that accompanies the piece, please check the Performance section on the Sprinkles Sparkles and Kankles website here:

DIE JUNGE DIE YOUNG (The Young Die Young) from Jason Jaworski on Vimeo.

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FIFTY24MX presents MiniMart and a new mural by Ericailcane

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FIFTY24MX has curated an awesome collective show with original artwork and limited edition prints from more than 20 international and local artists – including Alex Pardee, Charles Glaubitz, Sam Flores, Rene Almanza, Saner and many more.  The show opened last weekend and will be open until Sunday 19th Dec.

The location is a beautiful art noveau mansion in la Roma district,  the young, bursting neighborhood of DF . Current FIFTY24SF artist, Ericailcane, made an amazing mural in the entrance and during the week there’s been several events: art documentaries projections, music concerts, multimedia art and lots of parties, tequila and wine. Tons of images of the work below, but to check the entire show, images and the


Spector Saturdays: Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans “Not Too Young to Get Married”

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We go all the way back to 1963, and the Phil Spector produced classic fro Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans, “Not Too Young To Get Married.” We think 25 is too young, but they probably meant 18.

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Rare photos from The Beatles 1964 US Tour surface, on display

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The Beatles were the biggest stars on the planet in 1964, with Beatlemania in full effect and their first US Tour in full swing, Now on display at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in NYC are Curt Gunther’s photos of the young band traveling and playing across the US. You forget how young they were on this tour, and had everything at their fingertips. John was 23, Paul 22. Amazing. We love these two shots.

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