Ericailcane and Blu going big at Nuart 2010. This is not crappy art.

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Yesterday we wrote something about the concept of “can’t stop won’t stop” and perhaps this should be used with Italian artists Ericailcane and Blu at the moment, two major players in the European street/mural art scene. We have mentioned this before that their is a great movement occurring overseas in terms of big street art, taking entire villages and applying street art sensibility. The past few years have been great for many art observers to see where street art was going, and with this being a result on one side of the globe, it is a very strong statement.

For Nuart 201o in Norway, the two went big again. They will be joined by Vhils, ROA, Dolk, Evol, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Sten & Lex, M-City, and Dotmasters. Thanks to Arrested Motion for this images.

And when we called this art crappy yesterday, we are comparing to art like this. Art that has feeling, emotion. Not that abstract art doesn’t have it, but that particular art was lacking…..

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