Barcelona artist, ARYZ completes his new mural in San Francisco, CA late Sunday.

Upper Playground with Fifty24SF Gallery and Chris Shaher of WallspaceSF (who curates all the walls in San Francisco) came together for Barcelona artist and famed muralist, ARYZ to help him complete his mural in the city of San Francisco.

Through rain, wind and sun, ARYZ climbed into his lift each day for a full 10 day’s work to complete his giant mural Sunday. San Franciscans have been curiously keeping an eye on the work in progress, impressed by how the mural was taking shape through the week.  Fans of Aryz who heard news of his next mural came to the Tenderloin district to better observe the master at his work. The mural standing approximately 7-8 stories tall features a young woman silently gazing over the city.  Located at the corner of Polk Street and Eddy Street we hope the mural will be welcomed by the city and remain for a long time for all to enjoy.

To see more of ARYZ’s work and his highly anticipated first solo show in the United States, STYLE is THE LIMIT, please visit our Fifty24SF Gallery Wed.-Sun. 12-6PM Mon.-Tue. by Appointment. 218 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

WallSpaceSF – Established in 2008 by Chris Shaher, WallSpaceSF connects local and international artists with exclusive urban canvases. Through building community relationships and sourcing strategic platforms for artists to present their work, our goal is to enrich public spaces through innovative, contemporary works of art. For more info: Instagram/Twitter: @wallspacesf #wallspacesf Contact:


Sneak Peek: Barcelona muralist, ARYZ begins his latest mural in the Tenderloin District, San Francisco

Upper Playground in association with Fifty24SF and WALLSPACE SF has helped to organize the next large-scale mural for Barcelona artist and renown muralist, ARYZ.

Due to be finished this week, ARYZ has been hard at work since Friday, scaling the wall of a building located in the Tenderloin district.  Here are the latest work-in-progress photos revealing what ARYZ has been up to this weekend:

PatrickKarahawa_Aryz_SanFrancisco_Mural_UpperPlayground_Fifty24sf_1 PatrickKarahawa_Aryz_SanFrancisco_Mural_UpperPlayground_Fifty24sf_2 PatrickKarahawa_Aryz_SanFrancisco_Mural_UpperPlayground_Fifty24sf_3 PatrickKarahawa_Aryz_SanFrancisco_Mural_UpperPlayground_Fifty24sf_4

All photos by Patrick Kawahara