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Kidrobot is joining forces with both Ron English and Kenny Scharf to release three brand new Simpsons vinyl figures in 2015! These figures will coincide with Kidrobot’s latest Simpsons 3” Mini Figures Series release.

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Ron English has created two 3” figures with Bart Grin and Homer Grin.  Kenny Scharf has created a 6” Bart figure. All figures will be released in December of this year.

Die Antwoord “Evil Boy” Black & Red Editions

Building upon Die Antwoord’s one-day exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery this summer, Upper Playground has once again teamed up with the famed South African hip-hop group  and vinyl figure company Good Smile to release two new colorways of the Ninja designed “Evil Boy” figure. Previously only available during shows of Die Antwoord’s continuous world tour, Upper Playground is pleased to announce both a “Red” and “Black “edition of “Evil Boy, in our webstore now.

The “Evil Boy” Red Edition was made in a limited release of 168, and stand at 6″ tall.

The Black Edition was made in a limited release of 216, and stands at 6″ tall.

Die Antwoord One-Night Installation @ FIFTY24SF Gallery, Wednesday February 22

This Wednesday, February 22 at 4PM, South African artists, Die Antwoord will be making a special appearance at Upper Playground’s San Francisco gallery, FIFTY24SF. The group will be presenting a special, one-night only installation to coincide with their tour stop in San Francisco in support of their newest LP, TEN$ION. In addition to the installation, Die Antwoord will be presenting and releasing a special collector’s vinyl sculpture of Evil Boy, made in collaboration with Good Smile Company. Select vinyl pieces will be hand-detailed on by Die Antwoord’s Ninja.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Die Antwoord’s incredible new music video / art piece for the track, “I Fink U Freeky,” directed by leading South African fine artist, Roger Ballen.

FIFTY24SF Gallery
Die Antwoord Installation
February 22, 2012
218 Fillmore Street

The Good, the Bad, and the Thursday: Blur’s “Fool’s Day”

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This will be our last installment of the Good, the Bad, and the Thursday featuring all things Albarn, and we end with one of our favorite songs of the year, the newest and only Blur release in years, “Fool’s Day.” For context, “Fool’s Day” was released in conjunction with Record Store Day in April, a single track in limited vinyl units followed by a free download.”

The song feels nostalgic, and has a simple perfection to it that only a band as comfortable with their legacy like Blur can do. And it has a feeling of just wanting to enjoy music for the simple reason of not being able to let go of the simple pleasure of a good tune.

Enjoy. Thank you for liking Damon Albarn like we do.

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This is what Tom Sachs is selling…

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But Zurich is so beautiful, Mr Sachs! Just a little 4″ x 4″ sticker, $2, from artist Tom Sachs. We kind of like it, good for stickering and getting people to think, “yes, that Switzerland place is fairly beautiful and neutral and likes other people’s gold and was founded by the Knight’s Templar,” nuke it.

Buy it here.

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David Choe ‘Munko’ Vinyl Figures provided by Upper Playground

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From our parents at Upper Playground… “Upper Playground has teamed up with Japan’s Good Smile Company to become the official distributor for David Choe’s “Munko” Vinyl Figures. The toys were initially seen as simple sketches on David’s blog, and now following the premiere of the physical Munko toys at San Diego Comic Con in Giant Robot’s booth, Upper Playground is the exclusive wholesaler and distributor for the line of figures.

We have continually been impressed not only by Good Smile Company’s detail and intricacy in their vinyl figures, but also by the innovativeness of their other ventures, and are very excited to begin this partnership between our two companies. The “Munko” line of figures comes in three unique sculpts: Munko, Munkosaur, and Munkette. Munko, is offered in 3 colors and 2 extremely realistic textures. Munkosaur comes in 3 color ways with one in a concrete texture. And Munkette comes in 3 unique color ways.

The figures are available in a set of all 12 toys and individually by blind-box. Both sale versions are available to the public at the Upper Playground web store, and the set is available to distributors exclusively by contacting our wholesale department at:”

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