by Ariadna Zierold

nobumichi asai, video, projection, face map, mapping, omote, japan, upper playground

Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai awes and teases our senses with his face-mapped video projections and shape-shifting holograms. Asai is a projection mapping producer and technical director who mixes his science background and artistic skills to create original and innovative works.

nobumichi asai, video, projection, face map, mapping, omote, japan, upper playground

One of his most recent work is the projection mapping project “Omote”. Omote is a Japanese word for face, or a mask, which is considered as a mirror of the human soul. Performers of Japan’s classical musical plays often use Omote masks to express a multitude of dramatic emotions, which is explored and realized through the integration of state of the art technology and Japanese art.

nobumichi asai, video, projection, face map, mapping, omote, japan, upper playground nobumichi asai, video, projection, face map, mapping, omote, japan, upper playground

The Latest Digital Face Manipulation Software Will Have You Questioning All Reality

Let’s face it: we’re an empire built on illusions. Media, Social Media, Politics, take your pick. But what if you could program any video, of any person, to say and do what you wanted?  Becoming a digital puppeteer of sorts.  Right now, face-swapping on Snapchat may be cool for petty amusement, but manipulating Donald Trump’s Fox News interview to advocate building Mosques in San Diego instead of a wall, in real time, might be even cooler.

Welcome to the world of Face2Face.

Visiting Stanford scientist, Matthias Niessner built upon existing Stanford research using web cameras that capture 3D facial gestures as a means of “live facial re-enactment.” As stated in The New York Times, Dr. Niessner’s goal was to use this technique to improve modern technology by means of instantaneous language translation via Skype, and improved qualities of virtual reality and dubbing in movies.

In incredibly simplistic terms, the way Face2Face works is by training itself on a Target Actor (like Donald Trump talking) and a Source Actor (like you or me) to track both facial expressions and gestures by mapping them accordingly via a commodity webcam. Once mapped, the Source Actor can seamlessly manipulate facial re-enactment in real time of the Target Actor, and let the puppeteering begin!



NYC Dark

NYC Dark from Already Alive on Vimeo.

Seeing lower Manhattan without power was a surreal experience. This is traditionally a city that never sleeps. One in which the lights are always on. One that is always bustling with people. When the lights went out it was wholly different. This piece is meant to capture and relay the feeling of what it was like to walk around the darkened streets of lower Manhattan.

See all of Jared’s photos here: jaredlevy.me/gallery/hurricane-sandy-lower-manhattan/

Pop Pop Bang

POP POP BANG from Thomas Brown on Vimeo.

A collaboration between creative director Anna Burns and the photographer Thomas Brown. Through the use of various mediums the pair have curated an exhibition that explores the masculine world of B-Movies and juxtaposed it with the traditional British landscape. Using the themes of said movies – girls, guns and explosives – and twisting it against a very British backdrop these two challenge not only the premise of each subject but also the use of their chosen medias. The duo created a wall of umbrellas displaying elements of the classic B-Movie and located them within three landscapes – one being the forest, then London’s docklands and finally the grounds of Suffolk Manor house. Director – Thomas Brown Creative Direction/ Concept – Anna Burns Music – Meanred DOP – Ryan Hopkinson & Tom Turley Editing – Ryan Hopkinson, Mariana Delellis, Alex Berry and Thomas Brown Colorist – David Andrews @ Phoenix Bespoke, Alex Berry @ Ladoja & Sons Camera assistant – Sam Hofman, James Bryant, Anthony Prothero Rigging – Karmer Set building Ltd Compositing and Title Design – Mari Delellis Lopes, Laurie Gibbs Art Department Assistants – Cera Macy, Glenda Goldschmied, Katherine Webb, Robert Eaton, Louise Porter, Michelle Yarham, Nicole Grey, Gemma Banks Logisical Support and show installation – Karmer Set building Huge Thanks – Tim Sillis, Abi Hodson @ 167 Productions, Location Partnership, The Crossleys at Somerleyton, FCP students at Saint Martin’s, David Payne and Trevor Smith.

SABER @ Nuart 2012

SABER FOR NUART 2012 from NUART on Vimeo.

Graff legend Saber made his way to Norway for the Nuart Festival this year, and after knocking out a classic piece, he did a bit of a performance piece at the opening by buffing the work in front of hundreds of people. “No Tolerance.”