Photographer Søren Solkær launches ‘SURFACE’ A Worldwide Exhibition and Portrait Anthology on Street Artists

Danish photographer, Søren Solkær, creates ‘SURFACE’, a portrait anthology focusing on some of the most significant street artists on the contemporary scene, as well as pioneering street artists. Solkær’s ‘SURFACE’ already has six exhibitions announced for 2015, and the internationally renowned photographer will release a 240-page hardcover book featuring portraits of 135 artists.

Solkær has spent the last three years portraying artists all over the world. “I felt that this was the perfect time to portray the people behind one of the most powerful and prevalent art movements of our time. This took me on an incredible journey to roof tops, back alleys, train stations, studios and walls across the world”, said Solkær.


This expansive collection includes Shepard Fairey, Blek Le Rat, Seen, Ron English, Swoon, Faile, Space Invader and Vhils amongst many others It will be published by Gingko Press and distributed worldwide. The book launches in Australia: February 23, 2015, Europe: March 15, 2015, and USA: April 25, 2015.

FAILE in New York City

FAILE, New York, 2013

PIXOTE in Miami  PIXOTE, Miami, 2013

Niels Shoe Meulman in Norway NIELS SHOE MEULMAN, Stavanger, 2012

Six exhibitions announced for 2015:

February 23 – March 5: Art Equity, Sydney, Australia

March 10 – March 21: NKN Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

April 25 – May 23: Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, USA

April 27 – May 12th (Opening party on May 2nd): Allouche Gallery, New York, USA

June 12 – end of July: Øksnehallen (in collaboration with V1 Gallery), Copenhagen, Denmark

August 2015: The Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

To see more portraits, behind-the-scenes shots and photos from the world tour, follow SURFACE on Instagram @surfaceproject and Facebook.



Alexandre Farto also known as VHILS just wrapped up an important 3month exhibition in Portugal titled, ‘DISSECTION’ curated by João Pinharanda for the EDP Foundation. Watch the video and check out his striking landmark exhibition:

“Dissection aims to be an in-depth reflection on the urban space, taking as starting point several of the structural elements that compose it. The artist’s intention is to establish a progressive path through several interconnected environments purposefully built in the museum’s space which enables the viewer to experience the passage from a dimension of noise, chaos and visual saturation – expressing life in contemporary cities – to a neutral setting where he proposes to conduct a methodical dissection of those same urban elements with recourse to the unconventional media and destructive techniques which he has been exploring in his work.


Objects inherent to the urban space which speak of life in the cities are here recontextualised and neutralised with white, eliminating contrasts, details and other characterising marks capable of distracting the viewer. This reflection enables to highlight the essential contained in the elements worked by Vhils through a practice of dissection following different cutting typologies that allow for a comprehensive view of the whole, free of interferences.


This operation of neutralisation permits a clinical, distanced reading, a critical de-composition which enables the unveiling of what lies beneath the several layers that compose these familiar elements which we face daily in a benumbed, unresponsive way. By confronting the viewer with this act of methodical separation, Dissection aims to foster a better understanding of the reality of the contemporary city and the complex web of reciprocal influence which gives form and substance to the relationship between it and its inhabitants.” – João Pinharanda

Vhils-portugal-dissection001 Vhils-portugal-dissection003 Vhils-portugal-dissection004 Vhils-portugal-dissection005 Vhils-portugal-dissection006

Herbert Baglione’s 1000 Shadows in Rio de Janeiro at Street Art Um Panorama 2014

If you’re in Rio de Janeiro between now and October 5th, be sure to seek out this year’s Street Art Um Panorama Urbano  presented by Caixa Cultural. The show which opened August 2nd has an impressive roster of artists including Banksy, Herbert Baglione, HowNosm, Jef Aerosol, Nunca, Vhils, Pixel Pancho, MaisMenos, Rero and Stenlex.  Herbert Baglione completed an indoor and an outdoor installation and he sends us the latest photos for a closer look:

UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural002 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural004 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural007 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural003 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural009 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural012 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural001 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural005 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural008 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural006


Outdoor Installation:

UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural015 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural014 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural016

Street Art Um Panorama Urbano 2014 with Banksy, Nunca, Herbert Baglione, HowNosm and more

This year’s highly anticipated show, Street Art Um Panorama Urbano 2014 presented by Caixa Cultural includes an impressive roster of artists including Banksy, Herbert Baglione, HowNosm, Jef Aerosol, Nunca, Vhils, Pixel Pancho, MaisMenos, Rero and Stenlex .  The show takes place in Rio de Janeiro from August 2nd to October 5th!


Converting massive walls to beautiful portraits by VHILS

Portuguese graffiti/street artist, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils continues to leave his foot print around the world, carving massive portraits and poignant murals that challenge our perceptions of 2-dimensional street art.  His laborious techniques of carving directly into the walls brings forth beautifully executed murals that defy our expectations of what murals and street art can be.  We follow his journey around the world and revisit some of his works on today’s post. alexandrefarto_streetart_upperplayground_citrusreport05 alexandrefarto_streetart_upperplayground_citrusreport02 alexandrefarto_streetart_upperplayground_citrusreport03 alexandrefarto_streetart_upperplayground_citrusreport04 alexandrefarto_streetart_upperplayground_citrusreport06    alexandrefarto_streetart_upperplayground_citrusreport01

Vhils does Che

A great new piece by Vhils at Festival Images in Switzerland. Classic pose shot by René Burri in the 1960s.