by Ariadna Zierold

The extremely talented Valencian artist, Escif, with his arresting black-and-white-and-minimal vignettes depicting strange and thoughtful scenes, has revealed new pieces at Weston-Super-Mare.

escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

The paintings are deceptively simple yet inspired and often incorporate repetitive elements drawn from his personal symbology, which oddly enough may elicit an equally strong response from the viewer.

escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

All images via the artist’s webpage.


The London art dealer Steve Lazarides plans to open a very different kind of fair at the end of next April. The former representative of the street artist Banksy is due to build a temporary funfair on a ten-acre site next to the O2 arena in southeast London.

steve lazarides, fairground, art, citrus report, upper playground, london

The functioning fairground, which will be designed by artists,  will include a wall of death, carousel, shooting ranges, music acts and gourmet street food, but it will also act as “one big performance piece”, Lazarides says. There will also be an over-18 section for adults.

Around 20 artists, musicians and performers are due to participate including the Parisian photographer JR, Robert Del Naja of the music group Massive Attack and the DJ and producer James Lavelle, who is co-organising the show with Lazarides. “I wanted to include people who have pushed the boundaries of culture,” Lazarides says.

JR is due to create a giant snow globe; while the Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto (who goes by the name of Vhils) plans to carve a face into the ground that will double as a maze.

Tickets will cost around £15 and the fairground has a maximum capacity of 5,000. None of the works will be for sale, according to Lazarides, who says that he hopes to recoup costs via ticket sales. There are also plans to send a core element of the fair on a tour around the world, possibly starting in the Middle East.

Knight Dragon, the company that is developing the Greenwich Peninsula where the fair will be installed, and the events and festivals firm Vision Nine are supporting the project, which is expected to cost in the region of £1m.

Inspired by traditional British fairgrounds such as Bartholomew’s Fair, which was established in London in the 12th century, this is Lazarides’s most ambitious project to date. The dealer previously transformed the Old Vic Tunnels into immersive installations during Frieze week in October. “The fairground idea has been 25 years in the planning,” Lazarides says. “It’s time to bring some fun to town.

via The Art Newspaper.

Metal Sculptures of Lenny Prince Made of Car Mufflers


Just as it states on his website, ‘Lenny’s Creations‘, Lenny Prince is indeed a “Muffler Man Into Heavy Metal”.  For the last 4 years, Lenny has been steadily churning out some incredible metal creations of all sizes reshaped and welded into elaborate super heroes, knights and warriors to name a few.  He even veers into his own version of the ‘King of Pop’ and other curious innovations showing off his welding and metal skills into an art form.


As an auto mechanic with his love for muscle cars, Lenny has been working with scrap metal from cars for years and he decided to start building them into his own original life-sized sculptures less than 5 years ago.  His personal passion project quickly grew into a decently sized collection which led him to open a museum in Stanten Island that showcases his impressive works.


Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-02 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-03 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-04 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-05 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-07

Photos via New York Times

Be Street Weeknd Festival August 29-30th in Los Angeles

The first U. S. edition of BeStreet Weeknd Festival opens this weekend August 29th – 30th at The Container Yard in the Arts District, downtown Los Angeles.  In the spirit of showcasing the content of their magazine in a festival form, the event includes live music, art performances, a skatepark, art exhibitions and pop-stores. Here’s the general info:


Ausugst 29/30th, 2015

Live Music curated by SOULECTION with Joe Kay, ESTA, Andre Power, The whooligan, Andres.

Art Performances by Madsteez, Tofer Chin, Aaron Kai, Yuka Chocomoo, James Haunt and Luke Pelletier

Watch their video teaser and buy your tickets online at For more info check



by Ariadna Zierold

Kidrobot is joining forces with both Ron English and Kenny Scharf to release three brand new Simpsons vinyl figures in 2015! These figures will coincide with Kidrobot’s latest Simpsons 3” Mini Figures Series release.

ron english, simpsons, kidrobot, vinyl, figurines, the citrus report, upper playground

Ron English has created two 3” figures with Bart Grin and Homer Grin.  Kenny Scharf has created a 6” Bart figure. All figures will be released in December of this year.


by Ariadna Zierold

Valencian artist Escif who showed with us at FIFTY24SF Gallery back in 2011 now takes part of Banksy’s theme park show (Dismaland) with the mural “American Piss (Peace)”.

escif, american piss (peace), mural, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

“After several discarded proposals, we arrived to the clever idea that there isn’t a bigger theme today than piss (peace) in the world, so let’s think about it. What if the actuals wars arrive to Occident? Let’s search for the toilet please!” – ESCIF

Check out the other mural “Selfish” revealed.

escif, selfish, american piss (peace), mural, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

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Artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski exhibits ADA Kinetic Sculpture at The Lowry


The Lowry, currently has an exhibition about creating art through common and banal objects.  Berlin-based Polish artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski has an installation titled, ADA, which is a giant interactive ball that has charcoal sticking out around its surface for visitors to draw around the room with it.


The project was inspired by Ada Lovelace who is known to have invented the computer as an automatic machine.  In the same spirit, ADA becomes a simple but conceptually interesting and FUN automatic drawing machine:

ada-kinetic-sculpture-smigla-bobinski-upper-playground-04 ada-kinetic-sculpture-smigla-bobinski-upper-playground-05 ada-kinetic-sculpture-smigla-bobinski-upper-playground-06


Banksy unveils mysterious Theme Park and Art Show in Weston-super-Mare


The world famous artist, Banksy is apparently setting up a mysterious show titled ‘Dismaland’ in a sleepy seaside town of Weston-super-Mare.  What locals initially assumed was movie production being set up at the former Tropicana lido is actually an art show about to open this week.  The local Weston Post received a photo of what looks like an invitation to the show which has an angry smurf with quote ” I hate Streetart!”.  According to the Bristol Post, the invite-only reception will be this Friday and the show opens Saturday for the public.  Fans are already flocking over to the city looking for clues as to whether the set up is really by the infamous Banksy. Stencil works of “Dismaland” with sarcastic statements such as “Life isn’t always a Fairytale” are emerging on social media around the town.


Here’s an aerial shot of the theme park area which is supposed to be a twist on Disneyland posted today by Upfest Urban Arts:


via the Bristol Post