Sage Vaughn @ MOCA for Transmission LA

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Good friend and a very fine artist, Sage Vaughn, who showed at our FIFTY24SF Gallery this past November and December, has his work in the epic Beastie Boy Mike D curated Transmission LA at MOCA 17-day exhibition. Mouthful, but you get it. We saw that Sage posted his wall of envelopes, which look especially fantastic all orderly like this. His envelopes are always really great snippets into his style and method, some of our favorite work around. Love this wall.

Mike D curates Transmission LA featuring past FIFTY24SF exhibiting artist, Sage Vaughn @MoCA

mike d moca Mike D curates Transmission LA featuring past FIFTY24SF exhibiting artist, Sage Vaughn @MoCA transmission sage vaughn moca mike d la fifty24sf

Opening this week at the downtown Los Amgeles MOCA Geffen Contemporary is the Mike D (of the Beastie Boys) curated Transmission LA: AV CLUB, a 17-day multi-disciplinary festival, featuring works and contributions from Benjamin Jones, Mike Mills, Tom Sachs, Lauren Mackler from Public Fiction, Sage Vaughn, Isaac from Still House Group, Peter Coffin, Roy Choi and Will Fowler.

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Rizzoli releasing what looks like a definitive Joy Division book

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It seems like nowadays, you get a lot of shit for being a Joy Division fan, as it seems cliche. Well, unfortunately for haters and whatnot, the explosion of the Information Age has allowed kids of the slightly depressed persuasion to find bands of olden times that reflect their inner-most thoughts and feelings. And it just so happens that Ian Curtis and the boys could capture that mood. We admit, we are fans but not super fans, although we consider “Ceremony,” the first New Order song post Joy Division / Ian dying, one of our favorite songs of all time. From a historical perspective, it seems to fit a Northern England mood, dark, dreary, post-industrial wasteland sort of vibe. And they were pioneers.

Regardless, Rizzoli, who just released the Supreme book, are publishing Joy Division this Fall, penning it “The definitive look at one of the most iconic rock bands of all time.”

Let’s hear a little “Transmission” for fun.

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