Toofly Interview on The Citrus Report

Toofly T-Shirt Channeling

Remember that collection of Too Fly shirts we released a couple weeks back? Well, The Citrus Report got a chance to chat with Too Fly herself about everything she’s got going on and the motivation behind the tee designs, check it here:

TCR: Talk to me about Younity Arts? What is it all about, what is your role?

Younity Arts is an international urban arts collective made up of about 100+ women painters, illustrators, photographers, designers, graffiti, and street artists. We started Younity because many of us got tired of getting the wack wall to paint, the back room at the gallery, and being the only female in a group show full of male artists. We felt we needed to create some balance and the only way to do that was to come together and do it ourselves. Our crew of women including Co-Founder Alice Mizrachi, Shana Louallen, Diana McClure, Yvette Devito, Samia Grand Pierre, and our Younity Youth now produce exhibitions, street murals, panel discussions, youth workshops, and designer markets. My role in the collective is to art direct each project, design visual materials, and organize the artists. I enjoy making things look dope, and getting the production of each event to function smooth. If everyone, and everything is well organized you have room to work out the kinks and kick-it with the people that come support you. Balance is everything!

TCR: You went to SVA, and you had a solid career in graffiti. What are the advantages of having both skills sets?

I think the advantage of going to art school is that you get exposed to various visual communication tools and techniques. One computer class was enough to convince me of the endless possibilities of doing it independently, and having control to represent yourself. I had the chance to not only paint out on the street with some of New York City’s notable graffiti writers, but I could flick it, scan it, and share it with a growing audience. Sites like were one of the first online communities dedicating themselves to graffiti street posts and interviews. Before you realized what was happening it spread faster than what any magazine can keep up with. Word of mouth travels fast, but when it’s online it travels beyond your hood, your city, and your country. That shit went worldwide! If you didn’t invest in a computer by 1996 you were wasting time. The opportunities to connect with others and bring your work and skills to the next level was literally at your fingertips.