Love Letter to Plywood, by Tom Sachs

The King is Steel, the Queen is Plywood, and the sooner you know that, and the sooner Tom Sachs explains it to you, the more you will use plywood in your life. And yes, Mr Sachs, in conjunction with his Nike Craft collaboration and his Space Program: Mars show at Park Avenue Armory, he made an entire 7+ minute video on plywood. This is when you know you “have made it.”

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Love Letter To Plywood. By Tom Sachs

One of the most interesting conceptual artists of the moment continues to be, well, interesting. A huge show at the Park Avenue Armory called Space Program: MARS, a shoe and line with Nike, and now this. . . did you know plywood was this important? Its the Queen to steel’s King.

Tom Sachs: SPACE PROGRAM: MARS @ Park Avenue Armory

tsarmory414flag 605x402 Tom Sachs: SPACE PROGRAM: MARS @ Park Avenue Armory Tom Sachs space program mars

Artist Tom Sachs takes his SPACE PROGRAM to the next level with a four week mission to Mars that recasts the 55,000 square foot Wade Thompson Drill Hall as an immersive space odyssey with an installation of dynamic and meticulously crafted sculptures. Using his signature bricolage technique and simple materials that comprise the daily surrounds of his New York studio, Sachs engineers the component parts of the mission—exploratory vehicles, mission control, launch platforms, suiting stations, special effects, recreational amenities, and Mars landscape—exposing as much the process of their making as the complexities of the culture they reference.

The show opens on May 16, 2012.

SPACE PROGRAM: MARS is a demonstration of all that is necessary for survival, scientific exploration, and colonization in extraterrestrial environs: from food delivery systems and entertainment to agriculture and human waste disposal. Sachs and his studio team of thirteen will man the installation, regularly demonstrating the myriad procedures, rituals, and tasks of their mission. The team will also “lift off” to Mars several times throughout their residency at the Armory, with real-time demonstrations playing out various narratives from take-off to landing, including planetary excursions, their first walk on the surface of Mars, collecting scientific samples, and photographing the surrounding landscape.

Beneath the compulsive tinkerer’s mentality and ribald wit that permeate SPACE PROGRAM: MARS, and Sachs’ work at-large, is a conceptual underpinning that addresses serious and profound issues—namely the commodification of abstract concepts such as originality, shock, newness, and mystery—expressing them in the personal and physical terms of production and process. With the recent shuttering of NASA’s shuttle program and the shifting focus towards privatized space travel, SPACE PROGRAM: MARS takes on timely significance within Sachs’s work, which provokes reflection on the haves and have-nots, utopian follies and dystopian realities, while asking barbed questions of modern creativity that relate to conception, production, consumption, and circulation.

SPACE PROGRAM: MARS is organized by Park Avenue Armory and Creative Time and is curated by Creative Time President and Artistic Director Anne Pasternak and Park Avenue Armory Consulting Artistic Director Kristy Edmunds.

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Tom Sachs x Nike = NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe

f39cf4e1c7013f1eaaf4f186894eb6cc Tom Sachs x Nike = NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe Tom Sachs nikecraft Nike mens shoes

First, we love Tom Sachs and all his bizarre NASA meets fine art work. But we are confused and fascinated by this Tom Sachs x NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe (plus a collection of jackets and space bags) that Sachs has on his site’s shop, plus the beautiful spread at What is going on? What is $350 but not really for sale? And when can we buy this amazing shoe?

From Sachs:

At NIKECraft, products are developed for athletes, not consumers. Our athlete, Tommaso Rivellini, is a mechanical engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Among many other projects, Tommaso invented the airbags used on the 1997 and 2004 Mars rovers. Long gone are the days of wingtipped brouges, pocket protectors, and skinny ties. The rocket scientist uniform of today is faded jeans, a golf shirt, and sneakers. These shoes are built to support the bodies of the strongest minds in the aerospace industry.

Special features include: outsoles borrowed from the NIKE special forces boot (SFB), vectran fabric from the Mars Excursion Rover airbags, and detailing from Apollo Lunar Overshoes. These premium athletic shoes thrive in the rugged terrain of the simulated Mars Yard in Pasadena, CA – as well as stealthily creeping the mission-funding hallways of headquarters in Washington, D.C.

cee2921c1f63e7baa3d9bd6047845bdc Tom Sachs x Nike = NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe Tom Sachs nikecraft Nike mens shoes

cc43ee3862bfee45951c03c54204791a Tom Sachs x Nike = NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe Tom Sachs nikecraft Nike mens shoes

73a47120a9e8b686fe96a81912c20f6c Tom Sachs x Nike = NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe Tom Sachs nikecraft Nike mens shoes

25aee1fc0e737b84c1d6964ee6145314 Tom Sachs x Nike = NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe Tom Sachs nikecraft Nike mens shoes

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COLOR. by Tom Sachs

Per our conversation with Sage Vaughn last night, we just saw this Tom Sachs film, “Color.” posted on HB. It is explained as “COLOR is the comprehensive color code for Tom Sachs Studio.” Good to know.

Tom Sachs on… talking about stuff where he is trying to sound way smarter than you but it’s really Freshman year shit so don’t be fooled

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When you read this: “Since the mid 1990s, New York-based artist Tom Sachs has become known for critiquing fashion and street cultures, manipulating ideas of consumption, branding, commercial imagery and objects of money and power,” you have to understand that Tom Sachs has made a shitlaod of money and gained a shitload in the process.

And so when two “smart” people match up, as is the case with this little doo-wop between Donatien Grau of AnOther Magazine and artist Tom Sachs, where they shit like:

Would you relate the idea of “fashion” to the one of “style”?
Fashion is conformity and part of a community, style is a personal expression.

It really isn’t that smart nor that intellectual. I think a 3rd grader could summary this point the same way. Let’s cool it on calling this piece An Intellectual Fashion.

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Krink x Tom Sachs marker set a good collaboration

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Something about the Tom Sachs x Krink collaborative marker set is a good touch in our eyes. There is this Tom Sachs mobile store going around, and its stopping at Colette right now, with this nice Marker Set and Stand being featured. Not a bad way to store your equipment.

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