Ai Weiwei: Ruptures Mar. 20th – Dec. 22nd at Faurschou Foundation Copenhagen

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Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to present ‘Ruptures’, an exhibition opening March 20th at Faurschou Foundation in Copenhagen. Faurschou Foundation’s major exhibition in 2015, the show features several of the main works that have cemented Ai Weiwei’s position as one of the world’s most significant artists. Weiwei’s work focuses primarily on Chinese history and contemporary society and includes social activities, film, design, physical installations, architecture and design.

‘Ruptures’, Mar. 20th – Dec. 22nd, 2015, includes Sunflower Seeds, a smaller version of his site-specific installation at Tate Modern in the Turbine Hall in 2010, consisting of 100 million hand-made porcelain sunflower seeds. The exhibition also shows several of Ai Weiwei’s wood sculptures, made from some of the Buddhist temples that were torn down during the Cultural Revolution, and his work with antique vases several thousand years old.

ai-weiwei-ruptures-faurschou-foundation- 001  Ai Wewei’s large installation Straight (2008–12). The work consists of 73 tons of steel reinforcement that Weiwei found crumpled up among the rubble after the earthquake in Sichuan, 2008. The artist had every piece of mangled rebar straightened through a laborious process.

For additional information on ‘Ruptures’ and future exhibitions at Faurschou Foundation:


Ai Weiwei 
20 March–22 December 2015

Faurschou Foundation
Klubiensvej 11
2150 Nordhavn

Ai Weiwei in conversation

This is a cool piece on the controversial and acclaimed Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, done by the Tate Modern when Weiwei exhibited there last year in his sunflower seed installation. After Weiwei was detained by Chinese authorities earlier this month for being, well, free-thinking and influential, this video has taken on even more meaning.

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Louise Bourgeois, sculptor, RIP

Louise Bourgeois, sculptor, RIP” posted from: The Citrus Report | Art, Culture, News, Graffiti, Music, Street Art, Clothing, Politics, Reviews

Before we even really knew who Louise Bourgeois was, we loved this spider. We saw it in front of the Tate Modern in London, in all of its glory (at least we remember it being the Tate Modern, we will feel stupid if someone tells us we are wrong).  We were saddened to learn today that Louise Bourgeois passed away, because we felt like she was always one of the first artists to really get us interested in this world, and she was sort of an icon that we always loved. . . we honor her today.

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