New Mural by Mister Cartoon For Coney Art Walls in New York


Los Angeles muralist and tattoo artist Mister Cartoon painted this contemplative mural while in New York City for Coney Art Walls. The wall addresses modern themes, as a 1920’s style keystone cop is chasing a man wearing a black hoodie, while the Grim Reaper looks down on them. In the other corner, a bikini-clad Angel holds her cell phone and snaps a ‘selfie’, uninterested in the chase below.

Coney Art Walls, curated by Jeffrey Deitch, will feature work by many established graffiti and street artists, including Swoon, How & Nosm, Miss Van and Daze. With more than 25 temporary walls, the installation will remain up in Coney Island, Brooklyn into September, with no announced end date.




Fifty24MX Gallery Presents a Collective Art Show as Part of MANIFESTOMX

 Fifty24MX Gallery will present a collective art show opening March 14th 2015, as part of MANIFESTOMX, the street art initiative curated by the gallery that addresses the social and political situation in Mexico. The show will feature works from artists Saner, Swoon, Ericailcane, Bastardilla, Ciler, Vena2, Curiot, and Retna. Retna will produce original artwork, and as well as an intervention in Mexico City. A percentage of the total sales will be donated to the children of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa. See select works available at Fift24MX Gallery below.






MANIFESTOMX is an art street initiative that intends to address some of theMexican social and political concerns. Gathering a selected group of artist to express their opinion through murals using art as a social tool to propose, reflect and inform.

Colima 184
Col. Roma Norte
México, DF
(55) 5256-1444

Photographer Søren Solkær launches ‘SURFACE’ A Worldwide Exhibition and Portrait Anthology on Street Artists

Danish photographer, Søren Solkær, creates ‘SURFACE’, a portrait anthology focusing on some of the most significant street artists on the contemporary scene, as well as pioneering street artists. Solkær’s ‘SURFACE’ already has six exhibitions announced for 2015, and the internationally renowned photographer will release a 240-page hardcover book featuring portraits of 135 artists.

Solkær has spent the last three years portraying artists all over the world. “I felt that this was the perfect time to portray the people behind one of the most powerful and prevalent art movements of our time. This took me on an incredible journey to roof tops, back alleys, train stations, studios and walls across the world”, said Solkær.


This expansive collection includes Shepard Fairey, Blek Le Rat, Seen, Ron English, Swoon, Faile, Space Invader and Vhils amongst many others It will be published by Gingko Press and distributed worldwide. The book launches in Australia: February 23, 2015, Europe: March 15, 2015, and USA: April 25, 2015.

FAILE in New York City

FAILE, New York, 2013

PIXOTE in Miami  PIXOTE, Miami, 2013

Niels Shoe Meulman in Norway NIELS SHOE MEULMAN, Stavanger, 2012

Six exhibitions announced for 2015:

February 23 – March 5: Art Equity, Sydney, Australia

March 10 – March 21: NKN Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

April 25 – May 23: Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, USA

April 27 – May 12th (Opening party on May 2nd): Allouche Gallery, New York, USA

June 12 – end of July: Øksnehallen (in collaboration with V1 Gallery), Copenhagen, Denmark

August 2015: The Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

To see more portraits, behind-the-scenes shots and photos from the world tour, follow SURFACE on Instagram @surfaceproject and Facebook.

Swoon In Print

Our good friend, Swoon, has just launched a new website, SwoonInPrint, where she can keep everyone updated on print releases and other things she may be up to. We are excited because all those amazing limited edition variants and prints can see the light of day in people’s homes. She is one of the best, and now we can stay updated on her work!

Swoon @ 24th & Hampshire in SF

Swoon Mission Evan Pricco 605x605 Swoon @ 24th & Hampshire in SF SWOON San Francisco pals mission district 24th and hampshire

After a very odd buffing of a classic Swoon piece on the side of Pal’s on 24th and Hampshire in the Mission, Swoon sent a new piece to be placed back at the same location after a bit of discussion with the building owner. And everything is as it should be.

Swoon at 24th and Hampshire from Mission Local on Vimeo.

Swoon’s Music Box Project in New Orleans set for two new performances

The opening performance of The Music Box on Oct 22nd has been widely heralded as the highlight of Prospect 2, New Orleans’ art biennale. International press has called this avant-garde performance transporting, metaphysical and transcendent. The exhibition continues through December 10th with two more performances featuring legendary musicians like Mannie Fresh, Andrew WK, James Singleton and Hamid Drake amongst many others.

The Music Box is an interactive installation of purpose-built shacks and miniature houses made out of New Orleans’ beautiful architectural details and plentiful salvaged materials; built into in each structure is an invented instrument created by a sound artist. Visitors can interact with this musical shantytown’s singing walls, heartbeat-triggered percussion machine, organ staircase and weather sensitive oscillators. Three monthly live performances are bringing together stellar groups of local and international musicians to play orchestrate works on these “instruments.” Quintron, the musician and local legend, conducts this experimental shantytown orchestra.

The Music Box is an important and exciting prelude to the building of Dithyrambalina, an interactive sound sculpture in the form of a permanent three-story house. This project is being led by the influential street artist Swoon, who is known for her community-driven collaborative endeavors. Swoon has designed the house, but will rely on collaborating artists to bring the Dithyrambalina to life.

The Music Box Participating artists:
Swoon // Quintron // Taylor Lee Shepherd // Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels // Eliza Zeitlin // Ranjit
Bhatnagar // Elizabeth Shannon // Micah Learned // Rainger Pinney & Johah Emerson-Bell // Ross
Harmon // Angeliska Polachek & Colin McIntyre // Ben Mortimer // Aaron Kellner // Ratty Scurvics //
Jamye Kalal // Frank Pahl // Andrew Shrock // Lindsay Karty // Patty O’Connor // Taylor Kuffner

Swoon at the Boston ICA

If you happen to be in the Boston area this weekend, we highly recommend checking out Swoon’s new installation that she has prepared for the Boston ICA. The piece, Anthropocene Extinction, is composed of streams of intricately cut paper which connect key sculptural elements within the installation, including a 400-pound, suspended bamboo sculpture. The exhibition is accompanied by an ICA-produced video featuring installation footage and an interview with the artist.

The installation is up through 2011, so you have time.

image via unurth.

Anthropocene Extinction: A Site Specific Installation by Swoon at the ICA/Boston

 Anthropocene Extinction: A Site Specific Installation by Swoon at the ICA/Boston swoon ica boston

CA Adjunct Curator Pedro Alonzo sat down with the artist recently to hear more about her work and process:

PA: With regard to your creative process, you mentioned how your work is about traveling and observing the world. Could you talk a bit about that?

SWOON: Well, I like to travel a lot primarily just to get a global perspective, and also to get a sense of how people are surviving and making do all over the world. When I travel I try to seek out various peoples’ movements; I’m interested in how people are self-organizing. I try to weave these stories into my working process…I find them so inspiring. I feel like so many of these stories point toward something bigger about the way we can all survive in the world.

PA: A lot of the images seem to either portray people who have been left behind by globalization, or in other cases, your friends who are opting out of a world reliant on globalization. Are you trying to represent their stories in your work?

SWOON: I think in an intuitive way. Sometimes I’m actively seeking those kinds of images, like the time that I drew women who were self-unionizing in Mexico, or the kids who were living on the other side of the wall in Palestine. I’m definitely seeking out some of that, and also feel like so much of the community that I have built myself over the years has been about people who are trying to find other ways of living.

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Swoon at New Orleans Museum of Art

5821608049 7ed5dddd84 z Swoon at New Orleans Museum of Art SWOON new orleans museum of art moca

This is a massively impressive Sea Goddess that Brooklyn-based Swoon created at the New Orleans Museum of Art. They don’t come much better than Swoon. Again, after the amazing MOCA work, she continues to inspire and push installation work to new levels of folk fantasticness. Not a word, we know.

Image via SashayGrunge on Flickr.

Levi’s Film Workshop Presents Swoon + Cat Solen Video from “Art In the Streets”

Swoon + Cat Solen from Levi’s Film Workshop on Vimeo.

With Swoon’s installation at “Art In the Streets” being one of the most standout pieces of art we have seen in the 3 years we have had this website, it was nice to see last night that Levi’s Film Workshop, that is open in the MOCA during AITS, featured the making of Swoon’s masterwork. Yes, we are calling it masterwork. Because it is. Believe the hype.

via juxtapoz.

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