Photographer Søren Solkær launches ‘SURFACE’ A Worldwide Exhibition and Portrait Anthology on Street Artists

Danish photographer, Søren Solkær, creates ‘SURFACE’, a portrait anthology focusing on some of the most significant street artists on the contemporary scene, as well as pioneering street artists. Solkær’s ‘SURFACE’ already has six exhibitions announced for 2015, and the internationally renowned photographer will release a 240-page hardcover book featuring portraits of 135 artists.

Solkær has spent the last three years portraying artists all over the world. “I felt that this was the perfect time to portray the people behind one of the most powerful and prevalent art movements of our time. This took me on an incredible journey to roof tops, back alleys, train stations, studios and walls across the world”, said Solkær.


This expansive collection includes Shepard Fairey, Blek Le Rat, Seen, Ron English, Swoon, Faile, Space Invader and Vhils amongst many others It will be published by Gingko Press and distributed worldwide. The book launches in Australia: February 23, 2015, Europe: March 15, 2015, and USA: April 25, 2015.

FAILE in New York City

FAILE, New York, 2013

PIXOTE in Miami  PIXOTE, Miami, 2013

Niels Shoe Meulman in Norway NIELS SHOE MEULMAN, Stavanger, 2012

Six exhibitions announced for 2015:

February 23 – March 5: Art Equity, Sydney, Australia

March 10 – March 21: NKN Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

April 25 – May 23: Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, USA

April 27 – May 12th (Opening party on May 2nd): Allouche Gallery, New York, USA

June 12 – end of July: Øksnehallen (in collaboration with V1 Gallery), Copenhagen, Denmark

August 2015: The Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

To see more portraits, behind-the-scenes shots and photos from the world tour, follow SURFACE on Instagram @surfaceproject and Facebook.

SPIRIT ANIMAL by DAVID ELLIS, KEVIN EARL TAYLOR September 13 – October 11, 2014

Upper Playground friend, David Ellis opens SPIRIT ANIMAL, a joint show with Kevin Earl Taylor at Subliminal Projects September 13th, 2014.  Both artists, render animals and surreal figures and landscapes with nature and its spirit as a compelling subject matter.
Upper Playground

Upper Playground

“Ellis draws from his surroundings, using what he knows and what is familiar and then incorporating what he feels, what he sees, and what he hears. He is heavily influenced by music and is swept up in the dynamics and constantly changing beat of life. Growing up in rural North Carolina and currently living in Woodstock, NY, Ellis intertwines the landscape and its animals with his own internal ebb and flow. The loudness of a free and natural rhythm and the looseness of a fluid stream of consciousness is depicted through gestural and graphic renditions of smoke clouds or undulating waves weaving their way in an out of wooded scenery and the mouths of predators.” – via Subliminal Projects

Spirit Animal will be on view at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS through October 11th.

Upper PlaygroundUpper Playground


September 13 – October 11, 2014

Saturday, September 13 · 8-11 pm


SponsorshipRedux with Ryan McGinness @ Subliminal Projects . . . and Upper Playground get their logo messed with

24 605x741 SponsorshipRedux with Ryan McGinness @ Subliminal Projects . . . and Upper Playground get their logo messed with Upper Playground Subliminal Projects Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness will be opening a new show, well, an old concept in new form, at Subliminal Projects called “SponsorshipRedux.” As McGinness and Subliminal note, “The SponsorshipREDUX project is a (re)presentation of the 2003 Sponsorship project. In 2003, Ryan McGinness produced an exhibition at BLK/MRKT Gallery in Los Angeles that consisted of nothing more than corporate sponsors’ logos sized on the gallery walls according to their level of sponsorship for the exhibition. McGinness explains, “My hope was that a content-deprived exhibition comprised of only sponsorship logos would create enough pause for us to consider both the fine art of corporate sponsorship and the corporate sponsorship of fine art.”

And Upper Playground is a sponsor. We get our logo played with. By McGinness.

110 SponsorshipRedux with Ryan McGinness @ Subliminal Projects . . . and Upper Playground get their logo messed with Upper Playground Subliminal Projects Ryan McGinness

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