A WTF, kind of cool moment of one in million junk mail findings, Liquorstorediaries.com

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Real life Clerks, that is what this is. Liquorstorediaries.com is odd. One in a million junk mail found today in the ol’ Citrus Report junk box. . .

Here is their full write-up:

Welcome to the life of Habeeb, Jackpot Johnny, Kelly Chips, Airy B and more at their daily internet reality show “The Liquor Store“. LiquoreStoreDiaries is Based in the Nob Hill section of San Francisco at a neighborhood “Liquor Store” where the craziest and most random things happen everyday. We introduce you to some young Arab-Americans comedically shedding light into the life and culture of San Francisco and its Rich “Liquor Store” history. You’ll never imagine what your going to see at the “Liquor Store”, you might see an old lady pissing her pants, store patrons embarrassing themselves with silly dances, or maybe witnessing for the first time a Human and Chipmunk mutant child, how about watch silly old Habeeb clowning on his cousins at the “Liquor Store” tearing holes through the walls! You don’t want to miss an episode, Cause you never know WHAT THE FUCK happens…at “The Liquor Store”

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