Stalin’s Daughter, Lana Peters, has passed away in Wisconsin

Joseph Stalin with daughter Svetlana 1935 605x472 Stalins Daughter, Lana Peters, has passed away in Wisconsin Svetlana Alliluyeva stalins daughter Stalin lana peters

Her real name, Svetlana Alliluyeva, and she defected to the United States in 1967, and now Lana Peters has died at the age of 85. Which brings a very important question to mind: After the horrible regime that her father fathered, and the millions killed, the horrible Cold War-era that she grew up in, you would think she would have left a tad earlier than 1967? What was she waiting for?


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Boogie in the city of Bor, Serbia, August 2010

Boogie spent a few days in Bor, Serbia this past month, and took a bunch of, typically, beautiful photos, and wrote this short essay:

Bor is a city in eastern Serbia which revolves around one of Europe’s biggest copper mines, once the pride of ex-Yugoslavian industry. In the 1990s, during the time of sanctions on Serbia, production in this mine dropped significantly and many people left the area. Outdated technology and the fact that the copper melting plant is in the center of the city have made Bor one of the most polluted cities in the Balkans, with the highest level of sulphur-dioxide (SO2) concentration in Europe.