Inside Out: Escif Paints Floral Wall Paper Found Inside A Building On the Outside

Spanish artist and muralist Escif known for incorporating what he finds around him into his work has recently finished a new mural in Spain. Using his strategy of working with found materials, his new mural shows a pattern of a vintage floral wall paper adorned with portraits of the people who live inside the building.  The vintage wall paper motif, actually based on a real wall paper found inside the building covers the facade of this building in Madrid, Spain.
escif-floral-wallpaper-madrid-upperplayground-001 escif-floral-wallpaper-madrid-upperplayground-002 escif-floral-wallpaper-madrid-upperplayground-003 escif-floral-wallpaper-madrid-upperplayground-004 escif-floral-wallpaper-madrid-upperplayground-005

Spanish Muralist and Artist, ESCIF, Releases Crowdfunding For His New Book ‘ELSEWHERE’

Upper Playground friend and contributing artist, ESCIF has been working on a new book for the last two years and he just released a Crowfunding Page to fundraise for it.



Titled, ‘ELSEWHERE’, the famed Spanish artist, ESCIF plans to print a first edition of 1000 copies, hard cover, 300 pages, sized 17,5 x 24 cm, full color in different papers and different textures.

ESCIF-Elsewhere-Upper-Playground-04 ESCIF-Elsewhere-Upper-Playground-03

With book copies, zines, limited edition prints and original drawings for the supporters, there’s plenty of perks to support the artist.


We hope to see it made so please visit and checkout how you can become part of it.


New Style by Aryz in Spain and Morocco: Sketching BIG

Some New walls recently completed by Spanish artist ARYZ while visiting Basque Country, Spain in Bilbao and in Casablanca, Morocco.  Check out his latest mural style focused on representing his recent sketches in large scale.

Bilbao, Spain: “El fin justificado”

spain, streetart, upperplayground

“I always thought that the most difficult thing of painting in big formats was too keep the line gesture and the proportions like in the sketches. My sketches have a lot of mistakes and random lines, and somehow I wanted to reproduce that on a wall. The more effects and colors you use on your work, the more you can hide the mistakes and catch the viewer’s attention… when you use the line and not much more, the mistakes can be easily seen…” -Aryz

Casablanca, Morocco:

africa, streetart, upperplayground africa, streetart, upper playground

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ARYZ in Vilnius, Lithuania finishes Kaip Nežmogus

Revisiting recent works by spanish muralist ARYZ

Mural by Aryz, David Choe, Retna 

MOMENTS Festival 2014: A Celebration of Independent Art & Cuture

Upper Playground favorite, Jeremy Fish is planning to be in Malaga, Spain to lead workshops and and to present an exhibition of his work at the  MOMENTS Festival.  The festival focused on indie contemporary culture includes films, workshops, lectures, music, photography and art.  If you’re traveling through Spain beginning of Nov. stop by to check out the festival:

moments 2014 poster

About the Festival:

MOMENTS is a multidisciplinary festival aimed at those who love the most daring and independent contemporary culture. It is also a place to enjoy documentary films, workshops, lectures, music, art and photography, underground literature… and be sumerged inside the subcultures of skateboarding and This festival is a unique opportunity to discover the history of these alternative scenes that were born thanks to the Do It Yourself philosophy deeply rooted in punk and hip-hop and has forever changed the concept of art around the world. A pioneer event in Spain that will be held from the 5th to the 7th November at the San Telmo School of Art in Málaga in order to highlight the kind of work that usually has no place either in advertising or in major international showcases. But they are all 100% authentic and truly

Place: San Telmo Art School (Málaga).

Ticket price: Free (except workshops)

Dates: 5th, 6th and 7th of November

jeremy-fish-exposicion workshops workshops1

DATE FARMERS ART STUDIOS launches: COACHELLA WALLS at this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival

There’s more to this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival than any other year.  The difference being the launch of a community  revitalization project called “Coachella Walls” in conjunction to the Music festival.  Organized by Coachella-based Date Farmers Art Studios, the “arts driven community revitalization project” aims to beautify the downtown area with some of the most talented and recognized artists in the world.  The list of contemporary artists/muralists include: The Date Farmers (Coachella), El Mac (Arizona), Nunca (Brazil), Estevan Oriole (Los Angeles), Saner (Mexico), Andrew Hem (Cambodia), Liqen (Spain), Albert Reyes (Los Angeles), Vyal Reyes (Los Angeles), Sego (Mexico), The Phantom (Los Angeles), Eye One (Los Angeles), Jim Darling (Texas), and more.  It also aims to raise awareness for the Eastern Coachella Valley community and dedicates the project “to the anonymous farm worker.” True to the aims of the project, El Mac’s recent mural just completed this week reflects exactly that:


Three more murals are underway from  Date Farmers depicting two farm workers marching by a car, one by Nunca, and one by Cambodian American artist Andrew Hem.

In addition to the Coachella Murals, the Date Farmers have organized a group show at their studio, on view through April 27, featuring works by the participating artists of the ‘Coachella Walls’.