Sixties Saturday: The Beatles “I Am the Walrus”

First off, how incredible confident and cool do the Beatles look in this video? This is the positive effects of LSD and a good amount of weed, we suppose, and John Lennon was deep in, and the songs sounded like it. Today, we can’t imagine anyone having the vision to write this song. “I Am the Walrus” is just one of those moments that could have only happened in 1967.

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Weakness Wednesday: My Morning Jacket “O Is The One That Is Real”

When we hear this song, we sort of miss the simpler times of early 2000s My Morning Jacket, where Jim James voice was just beginning to become an incredible instrument on its own, and the experimentation was more Radiohead than Prince. But oh well, we still have a great song like “O Is The One That Is Real” and the Split EP with Songs: Ohia. A good sound from 2002.

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Definitely Thursday: “Mucky Fingers”

In typical Oasis fashion, this song sounds like every band before them, and like no other band all at the same time. Just one charging riff, one note change, a Street Fighting Man vibe, one of the more enjoyable Noel Gallagher songs of the past decade. “Don’t ask why… “

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Thom Yorke Tuesday: “Lucky”

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This is another example of why so many people want Radiohead to be a traditional/experimental guitar rock band, because they can pull a ballad out like this. “Lucky” was a triumph at the end of Ok Computer, and even though through the years other songs have become our favorites, this still sounds brilliant.

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Beastie Boys “Make Some Noise”… bringing it all back home

How happy were you yesterday to hear this new Beastie Boys song? And how awesome is it that this song is better than 99% of hip-hop out in the world right now, and these guys are old enough to be our dads? The video is so stupid, too, mainly because Elijah Wood is in it, but only the Beastie Boys can pull that off and still be tops in the crowd. Welcome back…

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Definitely Thursdays: “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

Sure, “Wonderwall” may be the standard by which all Oasis songs are measured, but “Don’t Look Back In Anger” seems to be at the heart of the band, sung by Noel, the chief songwriter, and one of the most memorable choruses in the 1990s. Noel gave Liam the option to sing on one of the songs, and it seems perfect that this is Noel’s.

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The Citrus Report talks to Con Brio

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Con Brio has been one of the staples of the San Francisco scene recently. Take a walk through the Mission and you’re sure to see a poster or two announcing some upcoming show. It’s true that God loves a workin’ band, and now they’re taking their funky (yet tight), soulful (yet playful) sound on the road. We caught up with them to chat before they jam down the 101 to spread the word to the rest of California. Well, maybe they took the 5. We didn’t really talk about the route of travel, but you can check out the destinations on their Facebook page.

In your own words, what is brio? Which member has the most brio?

Brio is Spirit, Vigor, and just general zest for life.  Also a combination of cheese and bro.  It’s bro-cheese.  Which sounds dirty. Micah is full of it…spirit I mean.

In a bizarro world is there a band called Sin Brio? If so what would they sound like?

Yes.  They are our alter egos and they sound like a combination of GWAR and James Brown.  And yes you wish you had their CD.

How would you characterize the current San Francisco music scene? Is this a good place to be? Favorite venue in the City?

Hell yes it’s a fantastic place to be! So much support from other musicians. We feel lucky to be apart of it.  Favorite places include: Boom Boom Room, Bottom of the Hill, Amnesia, and for a more intimate feel, Viracocha.

How do you think doing live shows helps your band grow? Is there a difference between practicing, and performing in front of a live audience in terms of the direction your music is headed? Do you feel like you write music to be played live, or heard on record? Or both? Or is there any difference?

Doing live shows helps us remember that music is for sharing.  Art doesn’t really mean anything if it’s kept inside forever.  You have to let it loose and let it affect people, and then it becomes meaningful.  And when we see how people react, we gain a deeper understanding of our own music.  We definitely write music to be played (live or on record) whilst people are gettin’ it on.

Remember when the U.S. Postal Service threatened to sue Postal Service the band? And then as part of their settlement they agreed to play the U.S.P.S. annual convention? The reason I ask this is to see if you were aware that there was a Vino Con Brio winery in Lodi, Ca, and if so, do you think joining together could bring you the positives of brand synergy or would you reject being beholden to the Big Wine Industry?

We are aware they exist and in fact we’ve met a few of the owners.  They were fantastic people.  On a side note, any winery, brewery, cannabis club, whiskey distillery, bakery, pizza factory or cream corn cannery that wants to sponsor us is welcome to contact us directly at for immediate approval.

You have a song called You Fuckers. Without trying to get you in trouble, is this song about anyone in particular?

This song is about everyone in particular.

Again, not trying to get anyone in trouble, but Xandra, in one of your songs you shoot a dog just because you don’t like the look of him. I’m not asking if you’ve ever killed a dog (cough twice if the answer is yes) but how autobiographical is your songwriting?

A lot of my lyrics are very autobiographical.  And for those that aren’t, I simply picture myself as someone else and it becomes autobiographical.  Ahhh imagination…you’re the best.

What’s the best thing you heard in 2010?

Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Some obscure number, you’ve probably never heard of it.
(Our favorite version of this joke has “just one at first, then the whole neighborhood changed” as the punchline- TCR)

What are you most looking forward to in 2011, musically or otherwise?

Touring and playing as much music as possible.  We are eager to improve our game and let our voices be heard.  Also we are really excited about the musical community we are becoming a part of, and reveling in the lovely, funky musical world we are all jivin’ in.  Rock on.

What advice do you have for our readers?

Buy our album! Also, just listen to more music in general.  It will make you live longer and improve your sex life.

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First and Final Fridays: Pulp “Different Class”

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Of all the songs to start an album, Pulp’s “Mis-Shapes” could the greatest opener of the 1990s. Maybe that is because anything that sounds like the lead singer has a cigarette in his hand as he is explain-singing to you about the world is just plain perfection.

And “Bar Italia” is sort of the same way. Like Jarvis is sort of wandering the stage thinking about singing a little louder to you if he feels like it.

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