New Style by Aryz in Spain and Morocco: Sketching BIG

Some New walls recently completed by Spanish artist ARYZ while visiting Basque Country, Spain in Bilbao and in Casablanca, Morocco.  Check out his latest mural style focused on representing his recent sketches in large scale.

Bilbao, Spain: “El fin justificado”

spain, streetart, upperplayground

“I always thought that the most difficult thing of painting in big formats was too keep the line gesture and the proportions like in the sketches. My sketches have a lot of mistakes and random lines, and somehow I wanted to reproduce that on a wall. The more effects and colors you use on your work, the more you can hide the mistakes and catch the viewer’s attention… when you use the line and not much more, the mistakes can be easily seen…” -Aryz

Casablanca, Morocco:

africa, streetart, upperplayground africa, streetart, upper playground

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Second mural by NYCHOS going up in San Francisco today

First peek at our work in progress photos of Nychos the Weird of the Rabbit Eye Movement working on his second mural in San Francisco this month.  Made possible by the support of Montana cans  and Steve Johnson of Underground SF for Fifty24SF Gallery. Photos by Merlin Jackson and Upper Playground.



upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-003 upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-004 upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-001 upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-002 upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-006 upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-007 upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-005 upperplayground-Nychos-Mural-SanFrancisco-skeleton-MerlinJacksonphoto-008