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low bros, germany, graffiti, nature, futuristic, animals, hip hop, skateboarding, upper playground

The Low Bros is an artist duo, which is made up of brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt – formerly active as graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd. Their work most often centers around stylized animal characters with human features, and addresses graffiti, hip hop, skateboarding and other elements which influenced and shaped the artists’ youth in the 1980s and 1990s.

low bros, germany, graffiti, nature, futuristic, animals, hip hop, skateboarding, upper playground

The use of contemporary methods gives thematic glimpses into the future. The protagonists of their work embody codes and attitudes of city life, which are in contrast to the natural purity of the animal and nature motifs, also integral to their work. This tension drawn from the ambivalence between urbanity and nature gives rise to a whole Low Bros universe.

low bros, germany, graffiti, nature, futuristic, animals, hip hop, skateboarding, upper playground low bros, germany, graffiti, nature, futuristic, animals, hip hop, skateboarding, upper playground low bros, germany, graffiti, nature, futuristic, animals, hip hop, skateboarding, upper playground low bros, germany, graffiti, nature, futuristic, animals, hip hop, skateboarding, upper playground low bros, germany, graffiti, nature, futuristic, animals, hip hop, skateboarding, upper playground

Walrus Cruiser Pizza Party on July 31st at DLX Skateshop with Jeremy Fish

As Upper Playground celebrates its 15th anniversary, our radical neighbors DLX Skate Shop celebrates 20 years here in San Francisco. These two stores deserve a pat on the back for continuing to serve radness to its loyal customers, fans, and neighbors all these years. To help celebrate our anniversaries, both brands combined forces to create the Upper Playground x DLX “Walrus Cruiser” skateboard. Designed with love by a long time friend of both shops, artist Jeremy Fish. What could be more fun than shredding a little walrus around town while celebrating two legendary local retail establishments?

Please join us for a Pizza Party to celebrate our collaboration sponsored by Upper Playground, DLX Skate Shop and Golden Boy Pizza:

When: Thursday July 31st, 6-8PM
Where: DLX Skate Shop on 1831 Market Street

If you haven’t yet picked up one of the Walrus Cruisers, there’s still a few left online or in store at our SF Shop on Fillmore.  Visit upperplayground.com or click right into the Walrus Cruiser image below for more info:

JeremyFish-Walrus-Cruiser-PizzaJeremyFish-Walrus-Cruiser-Skateboard-UpperPlayground-2 JeremyFish-Walrus-Cruiser-Skateboard-UpperPlayground-5 JeremyFish-Walrus-Cruiser-Skateboard-UpperPlayground-4 JeremyFish-Walrus-Cruiser-Skateboard-UpperPlayground-3



Dan Zev

1. I live in Brooklyn but have spent the last month traveling around Israel and Palestine. It’s a completely different world over here and its full of great people to meet and crazy things to photograph.

2. I take pictures of whatever is front of me. I’m not a conceptual guy, I just shoot a lot and try to make sense of things later. The best thing I shot on this trip has to be the demonstration in Bel’in, a weekly demonstration against Israel that’s been going on in this small town in Palestine for over 6 years now. There are always lots of Palestinian kids throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers and the soldiers fight back with tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets. It was my first time taking pictures in that sort of environment while it was unnerving at first to see some guy pointing an M-16 at me I ended up having a lot of fun taking pictures of the whole thing. I didn’t even mind getting a face full of tear gas…it suckedfor 5 minutes but it wire off quick and I went right back to where the action was to get more flicks.

3. I shoot 35mm mostly. On this trip my Leica has been getting the most use but Ive also been using a couple of point and shoots. I always thing its great when someone sees me working and they’re all like, “wow you are using a really old camera!” Just because digital photography has really taken over…but a lot if people still shoot film and I think its an easy way to set yourself apart these days. For example, there were dozens of people taking pictures at the demo in Bel’in but I was the only one shooting film that day. That’s important to note.

4. I went to school for photography and got a BA in studio art from a mediocre state university. I didn’t learn much there. The photo classes I took in high school were way more beneficial in that they really hot me stoked on photography un the first place. Since coming to New York worked in a photo studio and assisted a lot of professional photographers and have just gone out everyday with a camera and taken pictures…that’s the best way to learn really.

But I am going back to school for Photography in the fall. The ICP in Manhattan has a really good photojournalism and documentary program, so I’m going to be committed to that for the next year.

5. It’s hard to say what my influences are, I have favorite photographers whose work I really dig but I’m not sure how much it really effects what I end up shooting. My friends probably have the most direct impact in my work, it seems like they are all involved with great projects and seeing thembe creative and going for it really motivates me and my work.

6. I have no idea where life is taking me. In a few years I hope to be doing my thing, being creative, working in projects, making stuff and getting paid to do it all. That’s the goal right? Getting over with as little compromise as possible.

7. Photography Skateboarding, Bikes, Friends, Rad times, World Travel and Not getting shot makes me happy.

See more of his work at: WWW.Danzev.com

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“You Can’t Win” San Francisco to Portland – Day 3-4

A new update from PEZ and Joshua Blank on their route to their FIFTY24PDX show on September 2nd.

After we arrived in Eugene the first place for food we found was called Big Apple supper market in this photo you could see our bikes parked outside. We feasted on 2 dollar sandwiches which where huge, I had pastrami and Pez had turkey and provolone. We met another back packer who told us that we should find a place to stay on couchsurfing.com. However, we decided to start heading north of the city to find a place to camp. With out a map we were spun around and met a nice couple that gave us directions to a campsite and a route with which to begin out journey.

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Todd Bratrud starts his own skate company, The High Five

Todd Bratrud, who has shown at FIFTY24SF Gallery years ago, has started his own skate company, called The High Five. A message from Todd:

I started my very own cute little skateboard company and its called “the HIGH 5″. I’m very happy about this!

-Todd Bratrud

First and Final Friday: Grandaddy’s “Sumday”

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This was Jason Lytle’s space pop album in the only way he could make a space pop album. Make it a concept album about the modern man, break the album into two parts, and create some of his most singalong songs of his career. The album opens with “Now It’s On,” where in a perfect world, would be #1 on Top 40 AM radio, and the last track “The Final Push to the Sum,” which sounds a bit like a Coldplay track put through a valley California filter. (Makes sense, Lytle liked Coldplay at the time.) Now that that the band as Grandaddy is gone, its nice to remember what made the Lytle project so special. And it kind of makes you wanna go skate some empty suburban pools.

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A Look Back at Grind: The Graphics and Culture of Skateboarding

“Usually, skateboarding imagery means to communicate an I-Don’t-Care attitude yet, ironically, there is much hard labor, by designers and screenprinters, behind the creation and production of these images.” This quote is from an old program catalog we dug up in our offices of Grind: The Graphics and Culture of Skateboarding, exhibited way back in 1995 at the Huntington Beach Art Center.

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Matt Irving @ Atlas looks good

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Not sure how long the Matt Irving / Delphi show is up at Atlas in San Mateo, California (a little south of SF for those of you not in the Bay Area), but its worth a look if you are in the area. Have always been a big fan of Matt’s patterns and product design.

Thanks Fecal.

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