Jeff Soto for David Choe’s band Mangchi Tour Poster for Washington D.C. Date

From David Choe’s Instagram:  Sick ass @mangchihammershow poster by @jeffsotoart -this is just one of many, we have the best artists in the world making a different FREE show poster for each location on our#MANGCHi east coast tour – these posters are not for sale , they are extremely limited and only available for free at the end of each show night – only way to get them is to come – follow us like the dead #phish – collect them all – things get weird and folks act like animals when you give away free things that have value – so first come first serve , you snooze you lose and all that@davidchoe2 @jamesjeanart @esao@ogmikeGiant #igloohong@aaronhorkey @andrewhem


David Choe to release the very limited “Tokyo Girl” print

We try to rewrite things for David, but its a lot better when we just give David the forum:

for those of you who couldnt make it to my show in tokyo, dont worry
they banned me from my own show in japan ,so i didnt get to go either:(
but that didnt stop me from enjoying pictures and news of how awesome the show went and all how awesome all the japanese fans were! thanks guys!!!

for all my friends who dont live in japan and couldnt make the show, i did something special for you, i held a few of the limited edition prints “TOKYO GIRL” for the tokyo show back .it is in a edition of 76, but there are only a few left
this friday on 12/3/10 at noon west coast time we will release the remaining prints at
the print is 17 by 17 inches on the best paper ever of a watercolor i did inspired by half japanese women and shibuya, in a limited edition of 76, for $250 .

on top of that by popular demand, we will release a 44 by 44 inch version of the same print (it looks fucking awesome at that size)
at a super limited edtion of 5(this was not available in japan,), for $808.
all signed and numbered by me (and who knows maybe something a little extra :)
thank you all for the love and continued support, you all inspire me to create bigger and better things!
thank you!!!

Heading to Aaron Horkey’s “Midwestern Heart” show

The good people of Burlesque headed up to the art capital of … well, a place where they are showing great art, Windom, MN. Population: 4490. Aaron Horkey’s hometown. Aaron has a show there at the Remick Gallery at Cottonwood County Historical Society, where Ben of Burlesque reports a “happily overwhelming amount work on display ranged from original pen & ink drawings, screen printed concert posters & art prints, skateboard graphics, album artwork, source material & more.”

The show runs through November 20th. Remick Gallery hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-4pm, Sat. 10-4.

More photos here.

PEZ and Joshua Blank present “You Can’t Win” at FIFTY24SF Gallery

FIFTY24SF Gallery present’s “You Can’t Win” by PEZ and Joshua Blank, featuring collaborative works and zines by both artists. The title of the show, “You Can’t Win,” has roots in the year 2001 when PEZ and Joshua lived in San Francisco and collaborated on a zine by the same name. Both owned very little more than their bicycles and cameras and would set off on adventures with marginal characters in hopes of making and finding the inspiration for art; and the zine itself became a part of this adventure. Documenting tragic, erotic and peculiar situations, this culminated in the “You Can’t Win” zine. In 2004, Joshua moved to New York City to pursue fashion photography, and the zine lost momentum. After individually refining their talents and pursuing photography zines on their own, PEZ and Joshua’s reconvened in San Francisco last year, and this show marks the revival.

Although the work that PEZ and Joshua were accomplishing during 2001 went largely un-noticed, in retrospect the immediacy and relevancy of what they were doing is easily evident.  Their work, unbeknownst to them, played an integral part in the larger graffiti movement of the past 25 years and has been recognized by the bigger players in the movement for its honesty and innovativeness; Shepard Fairey has even remarked that “Pez, a bike messenger, has crushed every city he’s live in…” Rediscovering these pioneering artists and bringing them to the public’s attention through these new works is what makes You Can’t Win one of the more exciting exhibitions at FIFTY24SF Gallery this year. The show runs from August 6th – August 25th with an opening reception occurring on Friday, August 6th at 7:30PM/

“We were and are both very depressed individuals and do not really view ourselves as really fitting into any group, but as persons who kind of sit on the cusp of several.  More as loners than anything else.” -PEZ and Joshua Blank

Porous Walker’s Opening Celebration at FIFTY24SF Tonight

Porous Walker and his many friends are throwing the opening celebration to their show “Haricots Magiques” tonight at FIFTY24SF.  It starts at 7:30PM and will go for… an unspecified amount of time.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with Porous on this show over the course of a few nights this week, and the one piece of insight into the show that we have is this: he wants everyone who comes to have the an extreme amount of fun.  We think he may be successful, but find out for yourself tonight.