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First first. Sorry for my English. I live in a small town called Rubi. 15 miles from Barcelona. Big house, small TV, great views from my window.

I take pictures of masses of people, Friends, Girls, Women.

I use an Olympus 300 and Kodak Easy Load 35. Phone camera.

I Ain’t finished my studies. But I meet people that help me, like my friend Andrea and my old teacher Miguel. My dad. First photos on my life. RIP.

What are your influences? John Frusciante guitar on Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Mickey Rourke, Terry Richardson, Alberto Garcia Alix, Madonna Sex book, Scorsese, Rumble Fish clouds, James Ellroy, Jim Jarmusch and The Clash.

Were do you see your self in five years? Alive, I hope. No zombie disaster. No aliens on my window. Making people happy with my pictures and my stories.

What makes you happy? Now? David Comes To Live, Fucked Up!!! Driving alone listening to rock and roll music. Skate. Money on my pocket. Meet unexpected people. Shoot & write.

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LA Noire is all the hype

1784266 la noire screenshot 416 super LA Noire is all the hype video game rockstar la noire la confidential

We don’t know much about video games, maybe close to nothing, but we have been hearing a bunch about Rockstar’s new game, LA Noire. From the looks of it, you are playing LA Confidential with some of the best face-recognition graphics we have ever seen. The game is set in 1947, and you get to play detective with all the real fillings in there; crime investigations, murders, detective work, interviews, scene of the crime, etc.

This trailer sells us…

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