Vadim Marmer, Another Damn Russian

Where do you live? Currently in Vancouver, British Columbia. Before that I lived in Connecticut for several years. That’s where I started taking pictures. Originally, I’m from Russia.

What do you take pictures of? Street. Except for staged photographs, pretty much everything else goes. I’m no different from many other people who like finding beautiful, funny and surreal in the everyday life.

What kind of camera do you use? I like small rangefinder cameras. Most of my pictures were taken with Bessa L with 25/4 Snapshot-Skopar and Bessa R3A with 40/1.4 S.C Nokton. I also used Holga for a little bit but then stopped because of its very unique image. There is just too much of Holga in images that come out of it. I few weeks ago, I purchased Fuji X100. So far, I have been enjoying it. I like the neutrality and realistic look of digital. It’s very “democratic”.

Are you formally trained in photography? No, I don’t have any formal training in photography. It’s a hobby.

What are your influences? Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, and Michael Ormerod are my three favourite photographers. More recently, I started to enjoy William Eggleston and Stephen Shore. Actually, I buy a lot of different photography books, from classic Atget and Man Ray to contemporary Russian photographers Igor Mukhin and Sergei Maximishin. On Flickr, I very much like the work of Don Hudson and Brad McMurray

One of the reasons I take pictures is because it helps me to understand better and appreciate the photographers I like. It’s another way to experience their work.

Where do you see yourself in five years? To tell the truth, I took a break from photography during the last two years. I felt tired of it and uninspired. Only recently I started taking pictures again (with digital). In five years, hopefully, I’ll still be taking pictures and enjoying photography.

What makes you happy? Many different things. When a picture turns out well is one of them.

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Photos and interview with Matt Hilvers

-I live in Chicago Illinois, born n’ raised!

– I take pictures of what I know, the life around me. If documentary and fine-art made out, married, and adopted a kid that resembled themselves? I don’t think I could have answered that any worse or more vague. However, right now I have been doing studio portraits with an 8