2014 Life is Beautiful Festival, Las Vegas – Artist Line Up

The second edition of ‘Life Is Beautiful‘, the 3 days Music Art and Food Festival, in Las Vegas will be hosting an amazing round up of artists for this year’s Street Art program. ROA, Borondo, D*Face, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Misaki kawai, Fintan Magee amongst others will be present this year in downtown Las Vegas to beautify the city with their individual murals.

1.Life Is Beautiful Street Art Line Up 2014


“Curated by Charlotte Dutoit (Justkids), the street art program will transform the festival landscape into a magical art-inspired playground to give people a playful and unexpected escape into art.
As a twist from the first edition and on top of the large-scale murals, an abandoned motel will be turned into an interactive playground and several surprising installations will be placed throughout the footprint of the festival. The motel and installations will be viewable by the attendees during the festival.”

In addition to the great list of muralists, the outstanding performers list includes big names such as Kanye West, Outkast, Foo Fighters and more.

Check out the previews of these impressive artists as we anticipate their new works emerging between now and the end of the festival:





Photo ROA


photo misaki kawai



photo LI-HILL




photo D*FACE2 photo D*FACE


photo CYRCLE1 photo CYRCLE


Recent murals by Herbert Baglione at Djerba Island, Tunisia

Upper Playground artist, Herbert Baglione, recently visited the island of Djerba, Tunisia to participate in DJERBAHOOD, leaving his imprint on the island in continuation of his on going global project, ‘1000 shadows’.  Invited by Mehdi Ben Cheikh from Itinerrance Gallery, Herbert Baglione was one of 150 unique artists from around the world to land on this special island to work on their individual murals.

herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows001herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows007 herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows006herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows002 herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows009Herbertbaglione-tunis-1000shadows10

Program description:

“During the months of July and August, a selection of artists from around the world will pass on one week each other to leave his mark in this village. An extreme diversity of artist from over thirty countries: Brazil, Japan, China, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UK, among many others. The artists were invited to paint the work of their choice in accordance with the context to avoid denaturing the village, but giving an extra aesthetic value. Each artist has the opportunity to make several walls during his stay. This itinerary of painted walls will be a real open-air museum with no equal in the world.”

The invited artists include major figures like Roa, C215, Faith47, Know Hope, Herbert Baglione and eL Seed. Also: Liliwenn, BomK, Shoof, Mosko, Pantonio, Dabro, Curiot, Tinho, Saner, Add Fuel, Paulo Arraiano, Mario Belém, Rodolphe Cintorino, Stew, Nina, Evoca1, Malakkai, Dome, TwoOne, Amose, Calma, Jaz, Pum Pum, Dan23, M-City, BToy, Zepha, Orticanoodles and many more.

Watch the video for more info about DjerbaHood:

Massive T-REX mural by ROA in Sweden

Massive mural by ROA, who recently painted a large-scale factory building in Bromölla, Sweden.  An upside down skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus was the subject of the wall and our contributing photographer Henrik Haven covered its work in progress:
 roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural002 roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural004roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural008 roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural010roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural012roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural014 roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural018roa-sweden-dinosaur-mural016

The mural was made possible by the Ifö Center (who organized the mural) and their Artist-in-Residence program that ROA participated in.

Info about Ifo Center and their Artist-in-Residence program
Ifo Center is a new culture center still in its development stage. The initiative was taken in 2011 by artist couple Teresa Holmberg and Jonathan Haner. The goal is to open up the factory area for both culture and tourism. The project encompasses over 4,200 square meters of the unoccupied floors of the factory. Here we are creating collective work areas for professional artists, exhibition spaces, as well as areas for workshops. Simultaneously, we have already begun holding workshops, guided tours and have just completed our first Artist-in-Residence program with ROA being the first international artist to leave his mark on the factory walls. Ifo Center is located in the center of Bromolla, situated in north-east Scandia. The village is known for its large ceramic industry, prehistoric fossil-finds and for the world’s largest ceramic fountain (Gunnar Nylund’s ‘Scanisaurus’). Ifo Center is financed via an EU grant and is owned by Bromolla County.

Striking Cargo Containers painted by ROA, Defo, Pichi & Avo, Jen Zie and Martin Ron – BELGIUM

ROA-shipping-container-upperplayground001 ROA-shipping-container-upperplayground006

Belgian muralist, ROA along side Defo, Jen Zie, Martin Ron, and Pichi & Avo have recently finished an unusual stack of murals in Belgium set up by the North West Walls Festival curated by Belgian artist Arne Quinze . Giant cargo containers were stacked together to  for the artists to paint on in all directions.

The powerful finished piece by ROA towers over the viewer showing caged animals and themes of confinement on both sides of the stacked containers:



Pichi and Avo of Valencia,Spain also finished an impressive stack featuring  Menelaus and Achilles, exploring greek mythological characters.

Pichi-Avo-1-IMG_2652-001 Pichi-Avo-2-IMG_4189-001


Martin Ron also worked along side ROA and Pichi & Avo:

Martin-Ron-2-001 Martin-Ron-Roa-001


And finally, DEFO:

IMG_4068-001 defo-2-001 defo-1-001


news and photos via: http://buenosairesstreetart.com/

All City Canvas in Mexico City: The Final Looks

Last week, Mexico City celebrated the public art festival, All City Canvas, featuring major murals on multi-storied buildings from Aryz, Vhils, Herakut, Escif, Saner, Sego, Interesni Kazki, El Mac, and Roa. Here are some of the final looks at the completed murals, and thank you to everyone at FIFTY24MX and their friends who helped us on the ground during the festival.

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All City Canvas in Mexico City

FIFTY24MX Gallery is one of the sponsors of this mega-street-art event going down in Mexico City this week, with Aryz, El Mac, Escif, Roa, Vhils, Saner, Herakut, and Interesni Kazki amongst others. Really good, going down this week… we will be down there too… pictures to come…