Recent murals by Herbert Baglione at Djerba Island, Tunisia

Upper Playground artist, Herbert Baglione, recently visited the island of Djerba, Tunisia to participate in DJERBAHOOD, leaving his imprint on the island in continuation of his on going global project, ‘1000 shadows’.  Invited by Mehdi Ben Cheikh from Itinerrance Gallery, Herbert Baglione was one of 150 unique artists from around the world to land on this special island to work on their individual murals.

herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows001herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows007 herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows006herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows002 herbertbaglion-tunisia-1000shadows009Herbertbaglione-tunis-1000shadows10

Program description:

“During the months of July and August, a selection of artists from around the world will pass on one week each other to leave his mark in this village. An extreme diversity of artist from over thirty countries: Brazil, Japan, China, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UK, among many others. The artists were invited to paint the work of their choice in accordance with the context to avoid denaturing the village, but giving an extra aesthetic value. Each artist has the opportunity to make several walls during his stay. This itinerary of painted walls will be a real open-air museum with no equal in the world.”

The invited artists include major figures like Roa, C215, Faith47, Know Hope, Herbert Baglione and eL Seed. Also: Liliwenn, BomK, Shoof, Mosko, Pantonio, Dabro, Curiot, Tinho, Saner, Add Fuel, Paulo Arraiano, Mario Belém, Rodolphe Cintorino, Stew, Nina, Evoca1, Malakkai, Dome, TwoOne, Amose, Calma, Jaz, Pum Pum, Dan23, M-City, BToy, Zepha, Orticanoodles and many more.

Watch the video for more info about DjerbaHood: