Herbert Baglione’s 1000 Shadows in Rio de Janeiro at Street Art Um Panorama 2014

If you’re in Rio de Janeiro between now and October 5th, be sure to seek out this year’s Street Art Um Panorama Urbano  presented by Caixa Cultural. The show which opened August 2nd has an impressive roster of artists including Banksy, Herbert Baglione, HowNosm, Jef Aerosol, Nunca, Vhils, Pixel Pancho, MaisMenos, Rero and Stenlex.  Herbert Baglione completed an indoor and an outdoor installation and he sends us the latest photos for a closer look:

UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural002 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural004 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural007 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural003 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural009 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural012 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural001 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural005 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural008 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural006


Outdoor Installation:

UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural015 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural014 UmPanoramaUrbano-Herbert-Baglione-CaixaCultural016

Herbert Baglione’s 1000 Shadows in Rio de Janeiro

Upper Playground artist Herbert Baglione released photos of his latest work in Rio de Janeiro while exhibiting at this year’s Street Art Um Panorama Urbano 2014 presented by Caixa Cultural. Still working within his on going theme of ‘1000 Shadows’, its signature movements of shadowy figures cascaded through buildings and streets of Rio.

Herbert-Baglione-Rio-1000shadows001  Herbert-Baglione-Rio-1000shadows003 Herbert-Baglione-Rio-1000shadows004

Photos via his IG: @hbaglione