Vintage Levi’s Ads. From the 1980s and 90s. That is vintage enough.

These are just a few of the ads that we saw on Creative Review, but to be honest, it is just nice reminder that Levi’s has made some great ads over the past 25-30 years. And yes, the 1980s were 30 years ago in some respects. Odd, ain’t it?

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Opening Photos from Swampy’s “In My Room”: Open one last day, Monday, June 13.

Just a quick note, Swampy’s solo exhibition, In My Room, at San Francisco’s FIFTY24SF Gallery, will be OPEN TODAY, MONDAY, JUNE 13, the only day it will remain open for the entire week. So, in a way, this is the last day of the exhibit. Come by and check it out.

Here is our review from our staff at TCR:

We have had a bunch of openings that we have visited over the years, a bunch at FIFTY24SF Gallery in particular. But there was something in the energy on the 200 block of Fillmore Street last night, when the first patrons began walking into Swampy’s “In My Room” solo show and installation. At first, the show is clean and simple: 3 large paintings and 8 photographs. They were striking simply based on what we know of Swampy: photos of train-hopping adventures throughout North America, paintings on found objects, and of course, the now widespread and cult-followed Swampy Skull Donkey icon.

But then, of course, this show was not just 3 & 8. It was a full installation, with these 11 works just as integral to the concept of the “In My Room” installation as the entire back room experience. This was a “Swampy Show,” the before and after, the work put in and the output, inside the mind and what comes out in paintings and photographs. The life, lifestyle, and the work. The adventure. The obsession. The dedication. The character.

So, of course, you lift the 3rd paintings, and climb into the world behind and inside the Swampy Donkey. Its cluttered, it moves, it makes a sound, and it gets added to but friends and casual passerbys. And most importantly, it is not permanent. —Raymond Brown / The Citrus Report

All photography by Patrick Kawahara.

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Radiohead’s “The King of Limbs” Newspaper Edition looks grand

radiohead king of limbs packaging 2 Radioheads The King of Limbs Newspaper Edition looks grand the king of limbs Radiohead newspaper edition

We weren’t sure what to expect when one of the more progressive bands in the world says they are releasing the world’s first Newspaper Album with The King of Limbs. But now, thanks to Stanley Donwood speaking with Creative Review, we have a better idea of what is going to be in there.

According to CR, Donwood and the band wanted the King of Limbs artwork to express something less conclusive. “It’s not like the news stops when a newspaper comes out. It’s just ‘this is what’s happening today’. So this is released into the world on this day, and this is where this band are right now… it is a continuing thing.”

radiohead king of limbs packaging 1 Radioheads The King of Limbs Newspaper Edition looks grand the king of limbs Radiohead newspaper edition radiohead king of limbs packaging 4 Radioheads The King of Limbs Newspaper Edition looks grand the king of limbs Radiohead newspaper edition radiohead king of limbs packaging 3 405x540 Radioheads The King of Limbs Newspaper Edition looks grand the king of limbs Radiohead newspaper edition

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The Breakfast Club reunion

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Whoah, we feel old, as it has been 25 years since the iconic The Breakfast Club first came off the John Hughes presses. Not that we were really that aware of the film at the time, because we were quite young, but it only took a few years later and a VHS that our parents left out and we heard some of our first “fucks,” “shits,” and a bunch of other great slang.

Whatever Daytime TV Recap Yahoo! is, they have some special on the 25th Anniversary of The Breakfast Club. Watch, learn.

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The Kitchen as a modern piece of art

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The Museum of Modern Art has a very interesting exhibition up right now titled, Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen. After reading the review in the NY Times, we started looking at some of our favorite kitchen appliances and products, and yesterday we bought a wonderful new coffee/tea mug, and we have a very nice water boiler thingie, and we wish we had a Chemex coffee maker, but we don’t.

From the article: “Using a tantalizing sprawl of design objects, artifacts and artworks, this exhibition places the modern kitchen in a broad historical context. It is bound to invite personal memories: I rediscovered the Ekco vegetable peeler, Chemex coffeemaker and copper-bottomed Revere Ware saucepan of my mother’s kitchen; the Terraillon plastic food scale and timer from my first New York apartment; and the old domed Magnalite tea kettle that an ex-boyfriend cherished.”

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The Walkmen / Lisbon / Review

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There has always been that something with The Walkmen. The vintage instruments and rough mixes that make each album sound like relics from decades past has been a something. The Louisiana by way of the Lower East Side sound is another something. “The Rat,” “Wake Up,” “In The New Year,” and “Louisiana” are the other somethings, the big songs that have trademarked each past album.

What we have been most impressed with The Walkmen over the past decade, post-Jonathan Fire*Eater and Recoys, is that the sound of the band have been tinkered so that any semblance of post-punk has been completely dislodged from their repertoire, and a new sound that is completely original has begun to surface. Sure, Hamilton Leithauser vocals have channeled a bit of Dylan over the past 3 albums, but we may actually be hearing the way he naturally is supposed to sounds as opposed to retreading classic American albums of past. Now tracks on Lisbon, like “Stranded” or “All My Great Designs” (with Beatle-esque backing harmonies) sound like nothing else being done in other contemporary bands. The music is romantic, longing, lush, and warm. “Victory” has the trademark building drum line that has made the band stand out in previous efforts, but Leithauser vocals strain and power to levels that seem not pushing, but engaging. This suits the band quite well.

Lisbon, after a few listens, has become to us one of the most solid albums of the year. As a full body of work, this could be the most impressive album in the bands’ career. Although lacking in the power song like “Rat” or “New Year,” the band makes up for it with 11 cohesive moments.


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“Inception” is worth a few hours of your life

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Look, Inception is not going to change your life, but it is the best blockbuster film to come out this summer, and its proves that Christopher Nolan can make an original, fun script that isn’t a fucking retread or rebrand like every other movie that comes out in the summertime. The Citrus Report went and saw the movie, and we give it TWO THUMBS UP, based solely on the fun factor. And if someone wants to get all deep with you after seeing it, don’t trust them. It isn’t that hard to figure out what is going on in the film. It ain’t that philosophical or mindblowing, just a good script, good story, a different story,  so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just enjoy it.

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Dirty Hands Reviewed in SF Chronicle

Our presentation of Dirty Hands got a pretty solid review in the San Francisco Chronicle this week.  Check out the Dirty Hands review here. To summarize into a sentence they say you’ll feel “Bored. Exhilarated. Offended. Illuminated. Disoriented. All in the same minute.”

And to see the movie for yourself, it’ll be playing all week at the Roxie Theater, but after the week’s up, it’ll disappear back into the underground, so catch it while you can.