Distant Star / Estrella Distante: an exhibition based on the writings of Roberto Bolaño

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Opening July 14th, Regen Projects are pleased to present Distant Star / Estrella Distante an exhibition based on the writings of Chilean born writer Roberto Bolaño (b. 1953 – d. 2003). Bolaño’s writing — lyrical, evocative, transformative, political, and powerful — has been a common passion for many of the artists in this exhibition as well as the organizers. The exhibition is partly homage to the writer, and partly an exploration of the timbre and topicality of his works.

Bolaño is the most important Latin American writer, and perhaps writer regardless of birthplace, to emerge in English translation in the last decade. He was widely known and appreciated in Spanish long before that. Dominique Gonzalez Foerster mentioned the celebrated novel Savage Detectives in an Artforum Top Ten in 2007 — “I experienced his intense novel as offering a way to understand not only more about my own history and obsessions but also about my relationship to radical art.” To present a show of this genre we followed discussions of the writings with artists, friends who recommended other friends, friends of Bolaño’s who led us to artists who knew him, notions of concrete poetry, writing, the love of literature, love, and the implied and inherent violence in art and life.

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Photos and interview with Matt Hilvers

-I live in Chicago Illinois, born n’ raised!

– I take pictures of what I know, the life around me. If documentary and fine-art made out, married, and adopted a kid that resembled themselves? I don’t think I could have answered that any worse or more vague. However, right now I have been doing studio portraits with an 8

Philip Kaufman to shoot an Ernest Hemingway film in San Francisco

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Rumor has it that Pier 80 in SF is going to be the site of an Ernest Hemingway film, surprising because we don’t know of Hemingway spending any time here. Key West, Cuba, Paris, and the Northwest yes, SF not so much.

Acclaimed producer and SF-based Philip Kaufman is heading the project, and according to his wikipedia page, its going to be an HBO project.

“In June 2010 it was announced that Kaufman would be directing an HBO film about Ernest Hemingway and his relationship with Martha Gellhorn entitled Hemingway & Gellhorn that Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman will star in. James Gandolfini will serve as executive producer to the film, which was written by Barbara Turner and Jerry Stahl, and will reportedly begin shooting next year.

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Alice Galeffi Interview William Baglione

The art world goes way beyond artists; while those are too busy thinking outside the box, someone has got to make the contacts, organize exhibitions, and make sure the artist’s work is being used for the right purposes. The Brazil Issue interviewed William Baglione, a man of vision in the art world. Coming from Sao Paulo’s east side, where survival depended solely on the basics, he experienced art before knowing what it was, and now he represents five different artists: Herbet Baglione (his brother), Sesper, Tinho, Flip and Thais Beltrame. William and his crew call themselves the Baglione Famiglia (family). Trust and loyalty are the basis of their relationship, just like in the Italian mafia.

How did you begin to get involved with the art world?

I begun to get involved with art when I didn’t even know what art was. I believe those innocent moments were the happiest ones. Art was already in my life even though I did not know it; art was there when I wrote marginal poetry, when I watched my mom cook wonderful food, or when I watched my grandma take care or her plants. Art was even in the experience of growing on the east side of Sao Paulo, surviving only with the basics. From an early age, I could see art on the simplest human gestures. My brother, Herbert Baglione, has always been a gifted artist. It all begun in 1994, when I worked in a bank. I used to go to work carrying his portfolio to show to other people; I wanted to have an outside and more critical view on his paintings and drawings. I always admired him as an artist and as a man. Even with all the socio-economic difficulties that a lower class family has to face, we still had hope, and hope is enough for those who are predestinated to do what’s intangible. While Herbert drew, I sold the dreams.

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