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We are just keeping the art news coming today, as we have finally got a chance to sit down and bust some news out to you. As we just read on Curated, “FriendsWithYou and AOL are excited to announce the opening of the forty piece environmental installation “Rainbow City” in New York City, in celebration of Section 2 of the High Line. Originally commissioned by Luminato Festival of the Arts in Toronto and showcased during Art Basel Miami 2010, FriendsWithYou presents a vibrant collection of mutable, air-filled sculptures. Inaugurating in the art district of Chelsea during the month of June, this will be FWY’s first large-scale installation in New York City. This happy city is made up of intensely colored balloon pieces, encouraging visitors to be active and explore the giant 16,000 square foot playground. Built for adults and children alike, the installation allows for interaction with each art object, making the experience unforgettable. The installation will be located at the lot on 30th street in the Chelsea art district. “Rainbow City” will feature an exclusive pop-up shop where limited edition products designed for AOL will be available. A summer long activity zone with food and beverage will also be featured located adjacent to the installation site. Kicking off this June, please stay tuned for exact dates and more information!”

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An Infinite Voyage and Everything In Between: A Traveling Art Project from Miami to Los Angeles

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This year at Art Basel Miami Beach, I had the pleasure of running into three traveling friends, Jason Jaworski, Saelee Oh and Sherry Wan. When I met them, the trio were bouncing around in the inflatable houses of Rainbow City, a large, city-block installation by Friends With You. Rainbow City is a magical place with minimal inflatable balloons reminiscent of a fantasy world filled with happy characters. One can see young kids and older folks alike all playing together in an ageless, bubbly world.

I had been in an orgy with Jason years ago and it was good to run into him again. Also, we didn’t realize this at the time, but Saelee and I had gone to Korean Camp together as kids. I’m not Korean; in fact, I’m Australian, but my dad fought in the Korean War and wanted me to be immersed in the culture. So he sent me off to Korea for a summer semester of fan dancing and rice cake making. After a bit of a catch up, they told me about their road trip, which is a traveling art project which will be documented at InfiniteWanderlust. Their concept is to travel while making art, all the while funding their travels with subscriptions to the art work which they’ve created along the way. They invited me to tag along as I was also on the same path of wandering and backpacking around the world. I’ve been to six out of the seven continents and numerous cross country trips, but every trip is a different experience and nothing is more enjoyable than being out on the open road.

Jason and I found our way to Rally’s, while Sherry slept and Saelee exercised. While I’m aware we’re in a city with some of the best cuisine in the world, my Austrailian clock was still ticking on lunchtime. Well aware of a full day’s exploration waiting for us the next day, we somehow ended up driving through the 9th ward with my belly full of fries at five in the morning. The moonless night made the darkness so much thicker, so it was hard to tell what the neighborhood might have looked like, but the houses near Flood Street were simple and small, while some were run down with nearby lots of emptiness and overgrown weeds. I’m guessing that the blocks were more dense with houses five years ago before the flood. I tried to imagine a past when rows of homes were made of fresh brick.

– Arnold Coludy

A three legged dog with red eyes and huge balls that you can't see in this picture.

Some random stranger in New Orleans wearing Upper Playground gear while Sherry fake-poses for a photo.

French Quarters architecture

Would that be buying or selling of gold teeth? $199 DNA tests sound like a bargain to me.

A house in the 9th ward that we saw while driving around at 4 in the morning.

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