Love Letter to Plywood, by Tom Sachs

The King is Steel, the Queen is Plywood, and the sooner you know that, and the sooner Tom Sachs explains it to you, the more you will use plywood in your life. And yes, Mr Sachs, in conjunction with his Nike Craft collaboration and his Space Program: Mars show at Park Avenue Armory, he made an entire 7+ minute video on plywood. This is when you know you “have made it.”

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“Narcissus Lament” and the moment of self-reflection

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We all know Chatroulette, and it is super creepy and a lot of guys do really dirty things and girls don’t but they are sort of hoping to find dirty things. You basically just skip around the world and video chat with people.

Interestingly, the Narcissus Series was started, basically having the “Chatroulette user on the other end of this program would just see themselves upside down, which references the mythical character Narcissus seeing his reflection in a body of water.” And “Narcissus Lament” is a 10-minute video grid (excerpt below) composed of 108 separate frames displaying still shots of Chatroulette users experiencing their own “moment of self-recognition.”

Here is a clip.

Narcissus Lament (excerpt) from liubo on Vimeo.

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