Cheyenne Randall “Tattoos” Hollywood

Artist, Cheyenne Randall, has given the biggest names in pop culture a little edge by photo-shoppping tattoos onto everyone from Bill Murray to Britney Spears. His popular Instagram account indiangiver shares full sleeves and neck tattoos on Elvis, Julia Roberts, Lindsay Lohan, Prince William, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Newman, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, among many others. Check out some of our favorites from his Shopped Tattoos series.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton


Jerry Garcia


Bruce Springsteen


David Hasselhoff


Bill Murray

Tiffani Thiessen

Johnny Cash

Britney Spears

Stand By Me

See more of Cheyenne’s work here: Cheyenne Randall

Useless Las Vegas Fact: Average Amount of Weddings Per Day?

Las Vegas cheap weddings3 Useless Las Vegas Fact: Average Amount of Weddings Per Day? wedding prince william Phil Spector Las Vegas kate middleton

According to the Las Vegas Tourism Board, only 315 wedding happen a day in Vegas. We are sort of surprised. We were thinking at least 500. We would only get married if we could get it all hitched up by a Prince William lookalike, or a Kate Middleton lookalike. We need this shit to regal and royal. A Phil Spector lookalike would work, too.

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Throw 4,800 messages in a bottle into the ocean, get 3,100 replys

message in a bottle posters Throw 4,800 messages in a bottle into the ocean, get 3,100 replys message in a bottle canada

That seems like far better odds than any email, news blast, Twitter post, or any bullshit passive aggressive Facebook like. This is committed, fully engaged social networking. As MSNBC reports, “A Canadian man has tossed more than 4,800 messages in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean in the past 15 years — and received more than 3,100 replies.” The man lived on Prince Edward Island, and basically proved technology boring.

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Richard Prince “Opening Of American Prayer” at Bibliothèque nationale de France

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Purple Diary captured some opening night shots of Richard Prince’s “Opening Of American Prayer” exhibition, and for some reason, we just feel slightly dirty looking at them because, well, Purple makes us feel dirty. In a good way.

The show is: “Amongst a display of Prince’s art, it is his obsessive book collection that is showcased alongside his selection of the BnF’s archive. Prince proposes a rediscovery of marginalised countercultures, from the howling Beat Generation poets Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg to the free-spirited erotica of Suck Magazine, the first European underground sexpaper created in Amsterdam.”

The show is here, at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.

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This UK “graffiit” artist who did a tribute to Kate and William is a clown

Rich Simmons, who just created his bullshit marketing ploy of doing a graffiti piece of Kate and Prince William as Punks, to show is support of the royal wedding, is the corniest shit we have ever seen. This is why street art is getting more and more commercial, just stupid opportunistic shit like this. This photo-op clown is just so tired. Stop. Now. Please. Clown.

Watch the video at this link

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Well we thought so, too, as Prince declares the Internet “completely over”

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Prince has the declared the Internet completely over. We were hoping to get this declaration via messenger pigeon or hand-written letter, but by golly, we got the info from said Internet. to be exact.

Said Prince, “The internet’s completely over. I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it, and then they get angry when they can’t get it. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers, and that can’t be good for you.”

Not sure why this means the Internet is over.

By the way, 1985 called, it wants Prince back. You know, when he was relevant.

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Porous Walker

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This interview is a 20 question list of things that move and motivate Porous Walker. Porous has a show opening at FIFTY24SF Gallery tonight, you should go. It will be fun, as the artists Krisin Farr, SFaustina, Aaron Hodges, Jesse Pollack, Ferris Plock, Jay Howell, Jason Jaworski, Nisan Perera, Evan Pricco, and a few others will be making appearances.

1) Favorite government official?

Alan Bamberger

2) Favorite airplane activity?

When Ferris Plock takes us out to wing walk.

3) Favorite bail bond company?

Jesse Pollock Liberation inc.

4) Favorite oil company?

Genco Olive Oil

5) Favorite Chuck Berry song?


6) Favorite creepy famous person?

Michael Sieben

7) Favorite corporate logo?

Nisan Perera’s face.

8) Favorite James Cameron movie?

All of the stuff he did with San Francisco based eightyfour films. And, “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.”

9) Favorite JFK mistress?

Liam Gallagher

10) Favorite shape of pasta?

Coppola’s Mammarellas Quadrefiore
11) Favorite author who is dead?


12) Favorite author who lives in obscurity and may as well be dead?


13) Favorite Winston Churchill moment?

When he invented Jay Howell.

14) Favorite thing about Kristin Farr?


15) Favorite thing about Stephen Faustina?


16) Favorite thing about Aaron Hodges?


17) Favorite thing about Nisan Perera?

His uncanny ability to get completely naked when trying on new shoes at the store.

18) Favorite thing about Evan Pricco?

His artwork

19) Favorite thing about Jason Jaworski?

His amazing new novel about a futuristic space battle, I think he’s gonna name it “Star Wars.”

20) Do you know what a Hello Evening is?

Yes, it’s when the Prince of Sri Lanka enters a dressing room at any fine clothing stores.

Porous. Walker. Has. A. Website.

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