A sequel to “The Official Preppy Handbook” is being made, we rejoice in prepdom

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You can tell from our site, we like the preppy look. Which is odd to say, because really, what is preppy? Anyone can go get involved in some Polo by Ralph Lauren and make it work, but in this day and age, with so many Americana brands being re-imagined, preppy is a whole boat (shoe) load of definitions.

Nearly 30 years since the Official Preppy Handbook was printed, a sequel, True Prep, is being released. Chip Kidd, one of the great book cover jacket artists working today, is part of the new book, as he called the Official Preppy Handbook a moment that “changed his life.”

The NY Times writes:

While the original book dwelled on such themes as the timelessness of preppy culture (“In a true democracy, everyone can be upper class and live in Connecticut”), the secret language of prepsters (“Summer is a verb”) and when it is proper to wear socks with Gucci loafers (Never!), the sequel will include segments on alcohol rehab and newfangled technology (no texting at the table, if you please). Edmund White contributes an essay on the gay preppy scene.

And while “True Prep” dispenses a dollop of the upper-class frugality, many of its featured items are a bit more upmarket than the duck shoes and other L.L. Bean duds that dominated the first volume. Think Tory Burch, E. Goyard bags and the luxury jewelry brand Verdura.

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The reference points of prep

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We missed posting this article a few weeks back, but the NY Times touched on the whole new wave of prep and Ivy League Americana fashion. The article was based on the book Take Ivy,  for the first time in 45 years, the book is being reprinted powerHouse Books, and we are definitely buying this one.

The article quotes Mark McNairy, Daiki Suzuki, and Michael Bastian, people who know a little bit about men’s fashion and trends on the preppy level… you should read it.

Picture credit: Teruyoshi Hayashida/powerHouse Books

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