Porous Walker in the news, and in the Fillmore Store

Porous Walker died, but then he didn’t. And in honor of Porous Walker rising from the ashes of a French Language School course on high art (what does that mean, we have no idea), Upper Playground’s Fillmore Street Flagship store in San Francisco will be selling new original drawings, framed, of Mr Walker’s work. $50, and one is yours. Available now.

Porous Walker: Rest in Artistic Peace from hypebeast.tv on Vimeo.

And… this is Porous Walker’s RIP video produced by Hypebeast, created on location at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco this past summer.

Porous Walker, Ferris Plock, and Skinner promote Jim Dirschberger’s “Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer”

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We just got this message from our good friend, Kristin Farr, about this film and the posters being made to support it. So we are breaking this post down to what the film Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer is about, and then the second part is about the films.

About the film:
“Honest Man” is an independently produced feature-length documentary that explores the bribery scandal that led Budd Dwyer, a former Pennsylvania politician, to commit suicide at a press conference January 22, 1987. The film features exclusive new interviews with Dwyer’s family, friends, and colleagues, including a candid, heartfelt interview with Dwyer’s widow – her last before her death in 2009 – and a rare, revealing interview with William Smith, the man whose testimony convicted Dwyer. This portrait of a man swept up in the turbulent and cutthroat political world of the 1980s will undoubtedly raise important questions about Dwyer’s presumed guilt.

The Posters:
To promote the film Bay Area artists Ferris Plock, Skinner, Jason Vivona, David Young and Porous Walker have joined together to create a unique series of poster art for the film. Not only is this an opportunity to own an extremely rare (only 20 copies of each design was printed), high quality piece of artwork (11

Photos from last Friday night’s “Henceforth and Whatnot” film night @ FIFTY24SF

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We had the closing party for Porous Walker’s group show and the film showings of “Henceforth and Whatnot” with Jim Dirschberger & Rinee Shah, who are right up there, looking good, last Friday night. We got our camera all unloaded and loaded up here this morning…

Jay Howell has worked with both Jim and Rinee, and his work was on the wall to prove it…

Rinee’s music video that she directed…


More people

This dude was fresh… drinking beer out of a flask…

Writer/poet Jeff Rix, artist in the Porous Walker group show/poet Kristin Farr, and beer flask drinker guy.

Plock baby.

Kelly Tunstall and said baby.

Ferris Plock had a video with Jim and Rinee on rotation all night. He made this face every time he watched his short film.

Kristin Farr, who writes for Juxtapoz, Evan Pricco, who manages Juxtapoz, share a moment and discuss what we can only assume was contemporary eyewear.

Thank you to everyone who came out.


In case you missed ‘A Dog That Poops Money’ this last friday

If you were one of the few people that didn’t come to the opening for Porous Walker and his friend’s show at FIFTY24SF this past Friday, well… you missed a pretty epic night.  We’ll have pictures to rub how-much-fun-you-missed-out-on in your face soon, but one of the other things that you would have missed would have been the world premiere of Porous Walker’s collaboration with Eighty Four Films on a short animated film called ‘I Want A Dog who Poops Money.’  Lucky for you, it’s online now and you can see it here.  And as a little FYI, Porous’ show will be running until July 26th at FIFTY24SF Gallery if you’d like to check it out.