Kevin Costner saving the Gulf (and this isn’t a movie)

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This isn’t Waterworld, or the plot to our screenplay for Waterworld Pt. 2 that we’ve been writing at The Citrus Report (although, thanks for asking, the screenplay is shaping up quite well).  Kevin Costner has apparently invest $20 million dollars and 15 years of his life in technology that can separate oil from water.

He just gave a speech at a congressional hearing to  promote the use of his centrifuges to clean up the gulf, although he has faced years of hurdles trying to get the devices passed through the federal regulatory process (we repeat, we are NOT summarizing the plot to ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ or any other movie where a nerdy scientist goes up against a panel of hard lined politicians who don’t believe in science, this is real, we can’t stress this enough). So now the regulatory committees have loosened their grip in the face of this utter catastrophe and BP has bought many of his machines to clean up the gulf with (once again, not a doomsday-esque movie plot, it just involved Kevin Costner).

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