Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook gets his commissioned David Choe painting

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook just commissioned David Choe for a new painting, and David finished the piece and gave it to Mr. Facebook recently. We are not sure if you remember or not, but David Choe was commissioned by Zuckerberg and Facebook to paint the walls of the Palo Alto offices of the social networking company.

And if you saw the film, “The Social Network,” you saw some of the Choe pieces he did the offices.

As Upper Playground put it, “Real Digital G’s know what’s up. Paintings are the new Bentleys.” Zuckerberg knows what’s up.

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Getting a bit more excited now about Stanley Donwood @ FIFTY24F Gallery

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We just saw that Pitchfork, the seminal independent music website, picked up the Stanley Donwood show, Over Normal, at FIFTY24SF Gallery that opens a week from this Thursday, at the SF space. Its Stanley’s first US exhibition, and from the looks of the piece up there, Stanley is progressing on some of the ideas touched on during the Hail To The Thief era. Stanley does art for Radiohead, a band of musicians from Oxford, England.

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Retna on the cover of the September 2010 Juxtapoz

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That is an epic cover. Retna has the cover of the September 2010 issue of Juxtapoz, and everyone in our office is hyped because we all like Retna and remember his great 2007 show at FIFTY24SF Gallery. And Jeffrey Deitch did the introduction to the piece, so definitely a landmark for Retna.

The issue also has a subscriber-only cover of INSA, and interviews with Richard Colman, Allyson Mellberg, INSA, Retna, Pose, and KC Ortiz. Great issue… we read it last night.

Here is the INSA cover.

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El Mac, Hawaii

Starting to become very interested in El Mac’s frequent flyer situation, as he went from Basel, to Berlin, to Dublin, to Hawaii, to Singapore… here is the commissioned piece he did in  Oahu, North Shore, Hawaii, based off a photo of a local girl, Carissa.