Cheyenne Randall “Tattoos” Hollywood

Artist, Cheyenne Randall, has given the biggest names in pop culture a little edge by photo-shoppping tattoos onto everyone from Bill Murray to Britney Spears. His popular Instagram account indiangiver shares full sleeves and neck tattoos on Elvis, Julia Roberts, Lindsay Lohan, Prince William, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Newman, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, among many others. Check out some of our favorites from his Shopped Tattoos series.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton


Jerry Garcia


Bruce Springsteen


David Hasselhoff


Bill Murray

Tiffani Thiessen

Johnny Cash

Britney Spears

Stand By Me

See more of Cheyenne’s work here: Cheyenne Randall

Animal Plant Mash Up

You say you’re so hungry you could eat a horse. Well… we don’t think you can. But what if that horse was actually a tomato? These photoshop works make it possible, breeding creepy half fruit – half animal spawn, that might still be less appeasing than eating an actual animal, but are something to look at.

From The Citrus Report

Posted By The Citrus Report


out of all the photographs i took in the 3 years i lived in the states, all the places i went to, people i meet…. all i have left is a CD with no more than 20 pictures.
all of them at low resolution and ugly photoshop abuse (i was learning photoshop on my own as you can tell)

good memories, no pictures of anything.

this are the photoshop collages i used to make with my pictures.


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