Sir Peter Blake prefers Pop over pot, and other musings from the Sgt Pepper cover artist

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This is a chance for us to use a new phrase, straight from the streets of Bath, England. We will use it in regards to Sir Peter Blake, even if we don’t even find him crass or annoying.

“Nah mate, he’s a munter, innit?”

The 78-year old Blake is hanging his new show, “60 Years of Printmaking,” and the man has done album covers for The Who, Paul Weller, Oasis, and The Beatles for whom he designed the legendary cover to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967. He has a bit of street cred.

The Telegraph has a profile on him. Here is a nice excerpt:

A visit to his studio by an LSD-induced Paul McCartney and Robert Fraser, Blake’s art dealer, further convinced him that drugs were not for him. “They were both seeing things that clearly weren’t there in the paintings. They were telling me: ‘You’ve got to trip; your life isn’t complete unless you try it,’ but I declined.” Blake is still close to McCartney and is “fairy godfather” to Stella, his fashion designer daughter.

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