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Head over to Paris for PEZ next solo exhibition “Joyeuse Obsession” that opened on September 3 in Galerie Celal.

Pez started painting in 1999 in his hometown Barcelona. Specifically, he got into street art writing his signature, which soon took the shape of a fish. Little by little his tags turned into the shape of a smiling blue fish, and he became a celebrity throughout Barcelona.

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Biro Pen Illustrations by Helena Hauss


Paris-based illustrator Helena Hauss uses a Bic Biro pen to create finely detailed images, complete with patterns, typography and portraits in bright and contrasted colors. Hauss started drawing with Biro pens while she was supposed to be taking notes in high school. She has experimented with other mediums, but tends to prefer sticking with the Bic Biro she’s grown accustomed to. “Indeed, no other medium allows me to put so much emphasis and details into hair, reflects and patterns as I so much love to do”, says Hauss.

Check out select work from Helena below and visit helenahauss.net to see more.





Hauss states that at times she used to feel a little ashamed for drawing primarily with a ball-point pen, but says things have changed, “in more recent years I noticed it became kind of a trend and I got to embrace it”.









Upper Playground Releases “Weapon of Mass Creation” Pencil

Upper Playground is proud to release a classic weapon of choice for many creatives around the world. The “Weapon of Mass Creation” pencil was inspired by those who stand for freedom of creative expression.


Following the attacks on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, the #2 pencil has become a familiar symbol of freedom against those who use violence to oppose it. Artists around the world have portrayed the pencil in illustrations and cartoons as a demonstration of defiance against violence and also of their continued support for creative freedoms. The pencil has been used in political protests, vigils and tributes across the globe.

Dylan Vermeul


Paul Insect Charlie-Hebdo-Terrorism-Art-Cartoon-Islam-Paris-17_1024x1024

Alvaro MezaCharlie-Hebdo-Terrorism-Art-Cartoon-Islam-Paris-11_1024x1024

Rafael Mantesso

Cheb Makhlouf

The “Weapon of Mass Creation” Classic #2 Pencil releases this week in store and online at upperplayground.com.

“BARBES BASKETBALL” for Pigalle Paris

A beautifully shot basketball short by Pigalle Paris, something that Nike probably is the only other company could and would do. From Pigalle, “Pigalle Paris has set up the ‘AMATEUR BASKETBALL’ project. The aim of which is to support basketball teams having a strong sporting and social background. For their first initiative Pigalle Paris has chosen their local team Goutte d’Or Basket Ball, from nearby Barbès, to remake their outfits. This team which hasn’t stopped moving up in the rankings now has first class sports equipment as well as a well defined graphic identity. “

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