Millions of spiders cover tree in web in Pakistan

pakistan tree spiders 605x403 Millions of spiders cover tree in web in Pakistan web spiders pakistan millions of spiders flooding

As a card carrying member of the male population that sees a spider in the bathroom while in the shower and cowers in the furthest corner away from it possible while contemplating the fastest escape route out of the bathroom and waiting until the hot water runs out to execute it, this is pretty disturbing.

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What are we doing with Osama, the Banksy of Terrorism

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Seriously, there are major advantages of being world famous, have a moniker that grabs headlines, create a particular form of terrorism,” being the martyr of your particular practice, and have people looking for you constantly. Banksy and Osama Bin Laden have a lot in common. We digress…

CBS Reporter Lara Logan has an opinion and some information about what the US knows about the whereabouts of ObL.

She says, “Recently I learned that not only does the U.S. know where these [terrorists] are inside Pakistan . . . but we have information right down to their phone numbers. So the Afghans have this information, the U.S. has it, and the Pakistanis have it, but no one’s acting on it. . . . Vast majority of terrorist leaders that threaten the United States today are located inside Pakistan, and the U.S. is failing to deal with that.”

Watch the video at this link.

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California man arrested in Pakistan with sword, was going to find Osama bin Laden

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“Hi honey. What was that? Where am I am going with this 40-inch sword, and night vision goggles? Oh, Pakistan. Actually, I’m going to end up in Afghanistan. How am I going to do that? Well I told my boss at the construction site that I needed a vacation. Yes, without you. Well, I just bought a ticket to Pakistan. Its not that hard. Why I am I going? To kill Osama Bin Laden. Didn’t I read on the Citrus Report last week that Bin Laden is in Iran and not Afghanistan? Well, what the hell do they know? Yes, Osama Bin Laden. Kill him. Afghanistan. Solo mission. Police escort. Pose as tourist. Yes, with my sword. Bringing a pistol, too, just in case. It’s my Russell Crowe moment. I wish you would understand.”

This actually happened, and the dude was arrested in Pakistan.

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