Upper Playground releases Munko Whale Plush Toy by David Choe


Los Angeles based, Korean-American artist, David Choe, aka painter, troublemaker, illustrator, muralist, traveler, performer and host of the DVDASA show, releases his well recognized Munko whale as a plush toy this week.

The Munko whale first appeared in the Los Angeles graffiti scene as a David Choe signature, randomly popping up on pavements, concrete walls, over passes and freeways with quotes and food for thought.


David Choe’s Munkos have evolved and taken on many personas over the years, ranging from skinny long legs, lady friends, polkadotted variations and on and on:

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Upper Playground, in association with Good Smile Company is happy to produce and release The MUNKO PLUSH TOY for all Choe fans. Click on the photo below and pick up a Munko before they are sold out!

Munko-Whale-DavidChoe-Choematrix-UpperPlayground-Toy-002 Munko-Whale-DavidChoe-Choematrix-UpperPlayground-Toy-001

Erica Il Cane at FIFTY24SF Gallery, November 11th

FIFTY24SF Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Italian street muralist and fine artist, Erica il Cane, entitled, We Were Living in the Woods. The exhibition will be the second solo show that Erica has held in the United States.

As a major contributor to an increasingly progressive and elaborate street art and mural movement occurring in Europe over the past 5 years, Erica il Cane (translating to “Eric the Dog”) gained international recognition for his anthropomorphic  building-sized animal murals throughout Italy and the continent. With fellow contemporaries Blu, Sam3, Escif, and San, Erica’s large-scale murals have been viewed as fine art done within the public’s view. We Were Living in the Woods will feature works on paper and on-site installations.

Born and studied in Bologna, Italy, Erica’s evolution to gallery work has seen depictions of animals in unique, human situations rendered in Victorian-like style illustrations, etchings, and short animated films. The art is often described as imagery from a dark fairy tale, in which animals are shown within the darkness of human nature, focusing on themes of alienation, satire, existentialism. Both gallery and mural work has also been hailed as influential works advocating vegetarianism and animal rights.

Erica il Cane has shown throughout Europe, including Lazarides Gallery, Banksy’s Santa’s Ghetto, the Fame Festival, and gallery shows in Milan, Rome, London, and Barcelona. He has also shown in Los Angeles and Chicago. 

 Erica Il Cane’s “We Were Living in the Woods” will run from November 11th – December 30th, with an opening reception on Thursday, November 11th, from 7:30PM – 10:00PM. (Pictures of some of the work below)

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