Inside Job—We think we all need to see this film

We think we need to see “Inside Job.” It is going to sadden us, depress us, even though we all know that power and money is whatever those that own it want to do with it, you always hope for some tiny, little, minor glitter of hope to make you feel better. And no offense, when Charles Ferguson’s film wins the Oscar for Best Documentary Film, a bunch of clowns with a lot of money and power are going to sit and clap and cheer and pretend like they aren’t the assholes, too. But we digress.

Read the Guardian talking to four bankers about the film.

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Mr. Brainwash wants an Oscar as much as Banksy

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Mr. Brainwash, painting in LA, living the dream, creating art that has no feeling but doing it for some cool cash, just like a lot of people do. And he might get an Oscar out of it, with Mr. Banksy. Hey, most movies nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards are created with little to no heart, so who is counting at home?

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