Thomas Goldie is an awsome photographer

I live in Santa Cruz California where I was born and raised.

I take pictures of anything really. I try to have my camera with me at all times just in case i see a moment or subject I need to capture.

I’ve only been serious about taking pictures for about two years now, so I’m still trying different cameras out and seeing which results I like best. The cameras I currently use the most are a Yashica T4, Olympus Stylus Epic, some toy cameras, and my Olympus OM1.

I had a black and white photography class in high school and another one more recently at a community college.

Many different photographers and artists inspire me, too many to name really so I wont bother. My friends also inspire me a great deal because most of the time they are the subjects of my photos.

In five years I hope to be happy making art comfortably, or something like that. I don’t really have a solid answer for that, I just want to be well traveled and stay creative no matter what I end up doing.

Skateboarding down the street by myself, the ocean, taking hikes in the woods, and just being around the people I care about, makes me happy.

See more of his work here, but you can also check out his blog “Forty Ounce Dreams”

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grandeculo on Flickr’s pictures of his wife

Where do you live? I live in Moscow / Russia

What do you take pictures of? Most of photos is all around me – my wife, parents, friends or streets actions. It is quite usual photos documenting life moments. But I wanted to try make some fashion shots.

What kind of camera do you use? I always use film cameras – Kiev 60, Olympus Om-10 and i waiting my new point & shoot camera Olympus mju 2 which i won at ebay.

What are your influences? My influence is a daily collection of things such as – music, movies, internet, fashion, cartoons ,flickr

Where do you see yourself in five years? I want graduate my college, i will be cartoons painter. And move to Europe. I will continue to draw and take a pictures.

What makes you happy? Dasha+life+alco+vandalism = I’m happy

See more of his work here and check out his blog.…..

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Young Fashion photographer Nicholas Pittman

Where do you live?
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What do you take pictures of?
It started out as documenting my life, so i began (and still do) with taking photos of my friends. I still mostly only shoot people, but now im starting to work with more and more models.

What kind of camera do you use?
I almost only shoot film… I have point and shoots on me at all times (these vary, cheap models) then i use my Olympus om2n, and my Bronica SQAI. I also just recently bought a digital camera, and i got the Canon 5d mark2

Are you formally trained in photography?
No i am self taught. However i am finishing up my third year of college in Illustration and Design. So that has helped with creating images.

What are your influences?
I try not to let one thing influence me too much. I much prefer to get influenced by many things and merge it all together to create my work.  Films are also a huge influence. Some films are just breathtaking, the photography can be beautiful. And i love directors that use long takes.

Traditional arts have a huge influence on me as well, such as paintings and sculpture. I like to get influenced by colors in paintings. Some names in photography that have influenced me lately: Mario Testino, juergen teller, Cass Bird, Harley Weir, Terry Richardson, and Viktor Vauhtier.

Also, all my close friends are artists or related to the fashion industry and we party lots together, so that whole vibe is great to run off of.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
New York City!

What makes you happy?
My friends, Sketching and painting, and music keeps me going.

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