New Mural by Shepard Fairey at Urban Nation Berlin

Famed founder and creator of the OBEY Giant Movement, Shepard Fairy, is in Berlin completing a new mural sponsored by Urban Nation.  The wall themed and styled in signature Fairey colors, states ” Make Art, Not War”, “Eyes Open”, “Mind Open” with a symbolic Rose at it’s center.

Photographer Henrik Haven sends us the latest photos with more coverage to follow of this year’s Urban Nation 2014:

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Shepard Fairey “Sound & Vision” @ Stolenspace Galery, London

Lots of good stuff going on in London at the moment, one being old friend Shepard Fairey about to open Sound & Vision at Stolenspace Gallery. The show opens at October 19, but Shepard has been active with murals and street pieces all over the Brick Lane area.

Lowdown on the show:

Sound & Vision, the exhibition title is taken from the David Bowie song of the same name. Bowie has been a major influence on Fairey, because he was able to master music and visual presentation with equal virtuosity. Music is an artistic medium that Fairey reveres almost more than he does visual art. He comments: “Music is visceral, but also has the additional powerful layers of the lyrics, with their content and politics, and the style, politics, and personalities of the musicians themselves. No matter how much I love art, or try to convince myself of its relevance in society, the fact remains that music is much more able to reach people’s hearts and minds.” The artist hopes to be able to induce in people, even a fraction of the emotion that hearing a new song or listening to a familiar one can evoke.

Sound & Vision, will incorporate a diverse array of mixed media works, which embody both the political and social influences on Fairey’s work, particularly that which are directly inspired by music. In Fairey’s vision art and music are kindred spirits, and as the work began to develop, Fairey reached out to producer and DJ, Z-Trip to create a soundtrack that embodies the spirit of the show. Z-Trip went to work immediately to produce something worthy of Fairey’s vision. Z-Trip comments “Shepard does visually what I do musically. We have many of the same influences, it made perfect sense for us to collaborate on Sound and Vision, I was honored to do it.” Not only David Bowie, but count less other musicians and bands, such as the Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Gang of Four, the Clash and Metallica, have had an impact on Fairey’s work. Throughout the exhibition there will be elements on hand to encourage viewers to experience the interaction between art and music. Fairey provided records from his own collection as well as customised vintage turntables to enable viewer listening. This section of the show is complemented by a display of seventy-two works, which are inspired by the 12 inch LP sleeve cover. The artist will therefore use both sound and vision to connect with his audience.

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Awesome: Shepard Fairey x Glen E Friedman “Dr. Cornel West” print

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This is pretty cool. Shepard Fairey (Mr Obey Giant) and famed photographer Glen E Friedman, collaborated on this Dr Cornel West print, with all the proceeds going to The City Kids Charity.

If you don’t know, West is philosopher and the professor at Princeton. Heady man. Read some of his stuff. Very good academia.

Here is the lowdown of the print:

18 x 24″ Screen Print.  Edition of 450.  Signed by Shepard Fairey, Glen E. Friedman and Dr. Cornel West.  Limit 1 per person/household.  $80.

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Shepard Fairey’s “Printed Matters” opens tonight in Los Angeles

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Just a quick reminder that Shepard Fairey’s Printed Matters show at Subliminal Projects opens tonight in Los Angeles, and we can imagine there could be a crowd, so try and push your way to the front. The show features a little bit of everything from Mr. Obey, so make sure you check it out.



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Shepard Fairey @ Subliminal Projects

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Nice to see Shepard Fairey coming back to LA, and showing at what happens to be his gallery, Subliminal Projects. The show is called Printed Matters, and it will open and coincide with a Beyond the Street book signing. The show will have a bit of everything that Shepard has worked with, including wood, metal, album covers, and fine art collage papers.

Remember when we wrote this essay on Shepard?

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Rare Shepard Fairey prints at JetSetGraffiti

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Maybe its our age, but there is something about looking at an original Obey poster, just the Giant himself, and it takes you back. We miss this image. has some older and rare Fairey prints up at their site right now, including this beauty for $4,000. If we had the cash, we may be on this one.

From JetSetGraffiti on this piece above.

Title: Obey ‘95 (Gallery Edition)
Size: 30″ x 42″
Description: This is a unique monoprint of the iconic Obey Giant Icon Face from 2005. The true collectors will understand the historical significance and the rarity of this print. There will never be another Icon like it… The floral stencil overlay creates an even more subtly subversive effect. This print is signed and comes with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and printer. From 2005.

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