Really nice new Josh Keyes piece

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ad6127d66f05x436.jpg Really nice new Josh Keyes piece remain on view really limited piece looks new pieces new piece new work mother denver David B Smith Gallery citrus report

We just saw on the mother site that Josh Keyes has this new piece on his blog, and because Josh makes a really limited about of work, its always exciting to see what he has going on. He has a new show at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver called Collision, that will open November 5th and remain on view through December 11th. This piece looks great.

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Jeremy Fish, back in SF

revenge of the road bear 550x465 Jeremy Fish, back in SF the revenge of the road bear superFishal new piece Jeremy Fish

Here is a new piece that Mr Fish has just done since being back in SF… and here is a welcome home North Beach message…


i get back to san francisco, get rid of my mexican stomach parasite, then its straight back to the drawing table. i made this piece, called “the revenge of the road bear” in the first week i was home from the northwest. i am really stoked on it, my first five layered cutout, and a new direction for me. its about a travelling sales bear, who raises complete fucking hell on his travels. here is the sketch, the finished piece, and some background music. if you are in or around nyc this weekend, please stop by the joshua liner gallery and check it out…

Parking Lot Attendant on Museum Facade: Mac’s New Mural in Mexico

7fbfb8eaf3Mac1.jpg Parking Lot Attendant on Museum Facade: Macs New Mural in Mexico xico as part the museum seres piece on marco parking lot new piece museum monterrey marco
Murals gracing museums is no new concept, but it’s not so common for the mural to be a portrait of the museum’s parking lot attendant. Mac (Juxtapoz #103 ) just finished this massive new piece on MARCO in Monterrey, México as part of the Seres Queridos (Loved Ones) project.


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