Lips Worth Spreading

A woman’s genitalia is often the source of news these days. What can come out of it and when, what can go inside of it and how, how to shave it or let the bush sanctuary thrive, and the like. ¬†Social media will create a holiday and/or hashtag named, “National Vagina Awareness Day” soon enough, and we’ll all be ready.
But, on the island of Japan, artist Megumi Igarashi had another plan for her vaginal lips: to fully express vaginal glory in the form of a kayak. A really wet kayak.
Since this newest installation of pop art hit the waters in 2014, Igarashi has not only been turning heads, but defending herself in court. Having parted the seas on issues pertaining to “obscenity,” Igarashi successfully exposed the hypocrisy of the heavily influenced Japanese porn culture and its “limitations” on censorship.
In 2014, Igarashi took to the Internet to crowd-fund resources to build her art project, and as a gift to her financial supporters, emailed them the 3D instructions so they could print their own vagina kayaks. This week, the Japanese courts ruled that though the kayak itself is considered “pop art” (which is totally okay), the artist went overboard by supplying the 3D instructions to the financial backers, which according to the judge, contributed to the distribution of obscene material (totally illegal in Japan.) The correct procedure is to blur genitalia portrayed in porn, sex, anime and the like, but since this project lacked any over-pixelation censorship in its printing instructions, Igarashi was fined 400,000 yen ($3,670).
From interviews conducted after the ruling, Megumi Igarashi seems to be on the pulse of quivering climaxes. She continues to spread awareness of the double standards pertaining to the expression of female sex/organs as a notion of obscenity propagated by the male perspective.
Megumi Igarashi stated, “I work to reverse the male notion that female sex can only be understood through the prism of obscenity. I’m disappointed this concept hasn’t been understood by the judge.”
Maybe the courts will see things differently now that Igarashi has rocked the boat in international press news. For more vagina power, check out Megumi Igarashi’s memoir on Amazon: “What is Obscenity?: The Story of a Good For Nothing Artist and her Pussy.”