Die Antwoord “Baby’s On Fire”

Whatever you think of the tunes, Die Antwoord makes some of the most visual interesting music videos we can think of. Maybe its the South African backdrop, maybe its the way they look, NINJA just gets something stimulating everytime. This maybe our favorite video they have done so far…

Directed by NINJA and Terence Neale

Director Of Photography: Alexis Zabe

Edited by Saki Fokken Bergh at Left

Produced by Zef Filmz in association with Egg Films

Post production by Blade (Frazer is a fuckin pervert)

Titles and special touches by Pushbak

Next Level gear supplied by Panavision and Media Film Service

Kill Pixie and the story behind his video for Autolux

Juxtapoz did a behind-the-scenes piece on Mark Whalen, aka Kill Pixie, and his characters being animated in a music video for Autolux’ “The Science of Imaginary Solutions.” Kind of insane how much work goes into the making of one music video for an indie band. When people complain that nobody cares anymore, think again.

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Slow Club’s new video, “If We’re Still Alive” has a good warm vibe

When you are in a cold place, you want to go to a warm place, and Slow Club’s new video for “If We’re Still Alive” (directed by Charles Watson, Suze Olbrich and Mike Bradley) just makes us a feel good. Both in song and video. (via)

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Matthew Dear “Slowdance”

matthewdear 605x300 Matthew Dear Slowdance san diego music video matthew dear charles bergquist

Charles Bergquist is a very talented director, designer, and photographer based in San Diego, CA, and he put this amazing video together for Matthew Dear. As Charles put it, “The lyrics drove the photography and the sound drove the texture and slices. For most of the edit and post-production work, I let the track dictate the visuals.” The video seamlessly blends with the track to create a experience that seems more wholesome than most music videos.


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“Fratzengulasch” by Die Vögel Music Video

DieVogel Fratzengulasch “Fratzengulasch” by Die Vögel Music Video Fratzengulasch Die Vögel

Music videos, because no one is trying to get them on MTV anymore, are being made far more interesting and far more creative. Except perhaps a Peter Gabriel video. Those are always good. This is really good.

via Booooooom

Die Vögel: Fratzengulasch from timo schierhorn on Vimeo.

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