DATE FARMERS ART STUDIOS launches: COACHELLA WALLS at this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival

There’s more to this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival than any other year.  The difference being the launch of a community  revitalization project called “Coachella Walls” in conjunction to the Music festival.  Organized by Coachella-based Date Farmers Art Studios, the “arts driven community revitalization project” aims to beautify the downtown area with some of the most talented and recognized artists in the world.  The list of contemporary artists/muralists include: The Date Farmers (Coachella), El Mac (Arizona), Nunca (Brazil), Estevan Oriole (Los Angeles), Saner (Mexico), Andrew Hem (Cambodia), Liqen (Spain), Albert Reyes (Los Angeles), Vyal Reyes (Los Angeles), Sego (Mexico), The Phantom (Los Angeles), Eye One (Los Angeles), Jim Darling (Texas), and more.  It also aims to raise awareness for the Eastern Coachella Valley community and dedicates the project “to the anonymous farm worker.” True to the aims of the project, El Mac’s recent mural just completed this week reflects exactly that:


Three more murals are underway from  Date Farmers depicting two farm workers marching by a car, one by Nunca, and one by Cambodian American artist Andrew Hem.

In addition to the Coachella Murals, the Date Farmers have organized a group show at their studio, on view through April 27, featuring works by the participating artists of the ‘Coachella Walls’.


The Crazy Christian’s Guide to the Coachella Music Festival

The good people at ‘Christ Wire’ have given us either a) proof that Crazy Christians are completely self-deprecatingly hilarious or b) some of the more insane Christian rhetoric out there. Either way, we’re avoiding Coachella this year, but mainly because the lineup sucks and not necessarily because our “daughters are going to be gang raped” and forced to dress like “$2 harlots”. Full article here

Some of the highlights from the article:

Coachella is a concert event for neo hippies, naked beer drinkers and drug addicts. Each year the event grows in numbers and so do its cases of rape, murder and cases of teenage runways. No were else are so many drugs taken, orgies performed and victimaztion of America’s young daughters.

The article’s author on what actually happens at Coachella:

Drugs, rape and music. What a perfect combination! The festival is a huge mask to make it seem like it is about music, but it is only about sex. Boys use drugs to make girls pass out or to make them not have the ability to fight back while they are performing a gang rape on them. The music is to cover up any type of screams or cries for help.

And some shocking statistics that we can only assume must be true because they’re on the internet:  The Crazy Christians Guide to the Coachella Music Festival wire tyson bowers III music festival coachella christian christ wire 1 The Crazy Christians Guide to the Coachella Music Festival wire tyson bowers III music festival coachella christian christ wire

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Treasue Island Music Festival this weekend

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If you have it in you to be around people who go to festivals, then we can assume you are going to the Treasure Island Music Festival on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Saturday, you get your Four Tet, LCD Soundsystem, Die Antwoord, Miike Snow, !!!, Holy Fuck, and that Deadmau5 band.

Sunday, you got Belle and Sebastian, The National (awesome), She & Him, Broken Social Scene, Surfer Blood, and Rogue Wave, among others…

We wish we could go, but we can’t stand for that long.

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