“Playground Legends” a holiday print show at Fifty24sf Gallery Dec 14th!


Upper Playground and Fifty24sf Gallery is pleased to announce a Holiday Print Show: “Playground Legends” opening Sat. Dec 14th, 6pm. The show includes limited edition prints from Brian Flynn, Craola, Dora Drimalas, Estevan Oriol, Herbert Baglione, Jayde Fish, Jeremy Fish, Mars-1, Miss Van, Morning Breath, Munk One, Nate Van Dyke, Pez, Sam Flores, Saner and Smithe. Join us on Opening Night!

Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg’s new Snoopify App Released Today

Today, Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg officially unveiled his new mobile sticker application called Snoopify. The app. features a unique array of Snoop’s iconic and latest Rastafarian-inspired stickers designed exclusively by Upper Playground favorite, Munk One.  Much like our previous sticker applications developed by Upper Playground and 99centbrains (Choebot, StickUP, JungleFever) Munk One’s clever and humorous stickers within the app allow users to apply his art over their photos and share with friends.

Available in both IOS and Android platforms, you can download for free at Snoopifyapp.com

Find us @snoopifyapp on IG and tag us #snoopify on Twitter to join in the fun.


Snoopify_Preview_SnoopLion_SnoopDogg_UpperPlayground SNOOPIFY is a collaboration between Snoop Lion x Upper Playground x 99centbrains x Cashmere Agency.

Munk One for Intelligentsia Coffee

Ah, we miss a good summer afternoon sitting at Intellegenstia Coffee on Sunset in Silver Lake, enjoying the sun and very solid espresso beverage. Our good friend and collaborator, Munk One, just completed this illustration for Intelligentsia Coffee and the “El Diablo Dark Roast.”

From Intelligentsia:

Our flagship dark roast offers a different look at some of the coffees we have available each season.  Our Roasting Team tailors the roast to bring out dark baker’s chocolate notes  with a caramelized sweetness and softened acidity.  Lasting impressions of molasses and malted barley linger in the smoky finish.



Munk One – Invisible Industries Tees

From Upper Playground and Munk One comes two new tees from Munk’s new “Invisible Industries” brand. The Invisible Industries brand is Munk One’s personal sandbox for a constant flux of creativity, experimentation and freedom of expression. The artwork presented from the brand has been either been created by, or personally curated by Munk One, known for his fine art, commercial work, and interest in working in many different mediums and styles.

The first two offerings from Invisible Industries are the Unity Monster and MetalHead tees. According to Munk, the Unity Monster design is about the acceptance of differences out in the world in order to love and unite for better things. While the MetalHead design is a character that seems representative of a part of Munk One that feels the constant need to create and produce. Check both of the tees out here.

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