KID KOALA’s “Music to Draw To” session from Montreal to get you ready for Noise Pop

Kid Koala will be performing a 4-hour set at Noise Pop’s Culture Club this Saturday (Feb 26) at Public Works in San Francisco, and because we are going to be spending most of the day there, we wanted to get you and us ready. And Montreal is great, only good things happen there.

Here is what Noise Pop says about the set:

An afternoon of quiet time records to warm up those creative juices (as part of the Kid Koala Loud Party / Quiet Work weekend), the 4-hour ‘Music To Draw To…’ participatory soiree will be a touch quieter than his Friday night set at Mighty.

Bring your sketchbook, yarn, 3D rendering laptops or that lump of clay. Your admission ticket includes a free cup of hot chocolate and a pencil and music will be provided by Kid Koala. Expect a full 4-hour set of some of his favorite quiet time records that he has collected on his travels around the world plus a sneak preview from his forthcoming soundtrack to Space Cadet.

Baked goods will be provided by Kid Koala’s wife, Corinne, who dreams of someday opening a bakery in Montreal and would like to try some of her new creations first.

Quiet people are invited. Bring something you like to work on. No dancing. Hope to see you there!
More information here.

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The Art of Jeff Simpson

Normally, we aren’t huge fans of this type of illustration, but we really enjoy the work of Jeff Simpson, a young illustrator from one of our favorite cities, Montreal. It just has a nice life to it, good conceptual illustration work. We like it. Good things to come from Mr Simpson.

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I did some painting in Montreal, Quebec recently..the yellow paisano was venturing into a Hasidic part of the city, painted with local aerosol kingpins Senck & Omen. The other piece was a really special project for the new offices of the architecture firm Aedifica. The two kids serve as a subtle reminder of the importance of creating a better environment for the next generation. I’ll try to post more shots later.
Merci to my friend Louis C, Val, Snoop, Poutine, and all the fine folks at Aedifica.

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