The Art of Jeff Simpson

Normally, we aren’t huge fans of this type of illustration, but we really enjoy the work of Jeff Simpson, a young illustrator from one of our favorite cities, Montreal. It just has a nice life to it, good conceptual illustration work. We like it. Good things to come from Mr Simpson.

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I did some painting in Montreal, Quebec recently..the yellow paisano was venturing into a Hasidic part of the city, painted with local aerosol kingpins Senck & Omen. The other piece was a really special project for the new offices of the architecture firm Aedifica. The two kids serve as a subtle reminder of the importance of creating a better environment for the next generation. I’ll try to post more shots later.
Merci to my friend Louis C, Val, Snoop, Poutine, and all the fine folks at Aedifica.

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