Trio of murals in Milan by El Mac

Los Angeles based artist, El Mac had an amazing year of gorgeous murals popping up around the globe with his signature style of portraiture and technique.

Among them all, he shared on his IG, three murals completed at Prada’s headquarters in Milan for a women’s fashion show titled “The Heart of the Multitude”.

His trio of murals titled  “SueƱos y Polvo de Estrellas” (Dreams and Stardust) was guided by themes of beauty, femininity and power. He also states in his post:

“One of my biggest inspirations for this was the work of Alphonse Mucha, who mastered the rendering of women and beauty like no other”




SAN’s new solo show in Milan, Italy coming soon

SAN, or we can maybe start referring to him as Daniel “SAN” Munoz, has a new solo show opening up in Milan, Italy next month, November 25th, called Aurea Mediocritas. Keep you updated… from what we saw at SAN’s FIFTY24SF show, we are always excited to see what he has up his sleeve next.