by Ariadna Zierold

Ron English spent the last few days on his cherry picker to work on a new piece in Manhattan for The Lisa Project.

ron english, temper tot, manhattan, new york, the citrus report, upper playground
The American pop-artist brought to life one of his signature “Temper Tot” which is a cheeky play on The Incredible Hulk and a wink to his kids Zephyr and Mars. This new Temper Tot was painted on the same wall where the Green version was made a few years ago.

ron english, temper tot, manhattan, new york, the citrus report, upper playground
If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find them on 114 Mulberry Street in Little Italy.

Aerial Photos of New York City by Jeffrey Milstein

Columbus Circle

Photographer Jeffrey Milstein captured these stunning aerial shots of New York from a helicopter hovering above the city. The collection includes birds-eye shots of New York City’s most recognizable landmarks, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.

Financial District

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-015Times Square

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-012 Washington Square Park

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-002Times Square


jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-008Statue of Liberty

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-014Chrysler Building

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-003Metropolitan Museum

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-004Museum of Natural History

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-013Times Square


George Lois for It’s Nice That n6

issue6 cover 605x429 George Lois for Its Nice That n6 magazine Its nice that George Lois

We love George Lois. He is the original Mad Man and he did the best magazine covers in the history of the medium. Raymond especially loves him after spending time with Lois in his Manhattan apartment. Now, Lois is the cover subject of It’s Nice That, which we will now buy and cherish.

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Perfect pack: Manhattan Portage Cordura Hiker Camo Backpack

manhattan portage camo backpack Perfect pack: Manhattan Portage Cordura Hiker Camo Backpack  pack manhattan portage camo bag backpack

We are going to endorse, just as Selectism did, this beauty of a backpack, the Manhattan Portage Cordura Hiker Camo Backpack. There are a lot of backpacks out there these days, Herschel making a good one, etc, but this is like going with the comfortable classic, with a touch of camo to keep it a little interesting. And at $99, it isn’t crazy.

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A.P.C. main man does and does not interview well

Jean Touitou, founder of French fashion brand, A.P.C., says a lot of great things and really annoying things in this interview with the Wall Street Journal. The interview was done in conjunction with a few new A.P.C. shops opening in Manhattan.

A good thing: I always thought Samuel Beckett had great style.

A bad thing: “The sexiest article would be desire, I believe.”

A good thing: I don’t work on Fridays, That’s when I go see my “swing coach,” which is a pretentious way of referring to my golf instructor.

A bad thing: “To really get away, I go on my very fast, very secure Finnish motorboat.”

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RETNA’s “Hallelujuah” World Tour in NYC

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If you happen to be in Manhattan tonight, which if you are going you are already there, go check out RETNA‘s show at at Washington Street… and while you’re at it, go and watch this video for the show from Viejas del Mercado.

RETNA: Hallelujah World Tour from viejas del mercado on Vimeo.

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Steve Martin has a new book out

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On the Citrus Report, we are big fans of Steve Martin. We have always felt with his writing, acting, comedy, musicianship, and playwright skills, he is a leading talent in all of American arts. His new novel shows it, with “An Object of Beauty” being set in the Manhattan art scene, Martin shows off a bit of his all-around knowing and skill.

The NY Times wrote a favorable piece on Mr Martin on their site, and it definitely has us wanting to read more. Check it out here.

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How bedbugs invaded NYC and caused the panic

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It seemed like the story of the summer, the bedbug invasion of New York City, and even some of us in San Francisco were feeling the itch. Google headquarters in NYC, as well as the off-5th Avenue Niketown were hit hard, as well as Bloomingdale’s and a floor of the Wall Street Journal. The bugs are taking this seriously.

The Guardian recaps how bad its been, and why New Yorkers, of all people, are feeling a bit of panic. “The problem has got so bad over the last 12 months, with some 24,000 recorded complaints of infestation, that mayor Michael Bloomberg has set up a bedbug advisory board and is soon to appoint a bedbug tsar.”

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